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Cisco 700-905 Cisco HyperFlex for Systems Engineers

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With which three components must every HyperFlex cluster be equipped with in regard to disks? (Choose three.)
A. NVMe drives
B. there are no specific requirements
C. same type of cache drives
D. same type and size of capacity of drives
E. same number of capacity drives
F. SAS drives
Correct Answer: CDE

Cisco HyperFlex AII-NVMe nodes are expected to be supported beginning in which HXDP version\\’?
A. HXDP 4.0.1
B. HXDP 3.5.1
C. HXDP 3 5.2
D. HXDP 4.0
Correct Answer: D

Which Cisco UCS Server running HXDP supports the largest storage pool?
A. UCS B200
B. HX220
C. HX 240
D. UCS B480
Correct Answer: C

What is the minimum amount of memory required for an HX node?
A. 192 GB
B. 64 GB
C. 32 GB
D. 128 GB
Correct Answer: D

Which three features do Managed Deployments provide? (Choose three.)
A. Great tor managing large deployments, scalability, and oversight of the UCS servers.
B. Consistent deployment by replicating working configurations from development labs to the production deployment
C. High availability of the management system and connectivity when using 2 Cisco Fabric Interconnects
D. Individual configuration of each redundant fabric or global configuration.
E. Increased operating overhead, raising Operating Expenses (OpEx)
F. Decentralized yet complex management of an entire UCS domain.
Correct Answer: ACD

HyperFlex is tightly integrated Into the Cisco portfolio, allowing which two powerful service integrations\\’\\’ (Choose
A. Cloud mobility: CloudCenter enables workload mobility between HyperFlex and public and private clouds, Including
private cloud self-service Infrastructure as a service (laaS) capabilities
B. Application centric infrastructure: ACI enables faster deployment via End-Point Group integration of the HyperFlex
clusters into existing application environments
C. Multi-cloud integration Workloads are able to seamlessly migrate to platforms such as Amazon Web Services:
Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
D. On-premise container platform: Cisco Container Platform automates repetitive tasks, such as installing Kubernetes
and Docker, installing analytics tools, creating clusters, load balancing, curatmg the OS. and even updating the
E. Data Center Network Monitor: This management platform enables administrators to monitor storage In the HyperFlex
solution and provide real-time storage performance for the HyperFlex cluster
Correct Answer: AD

Which two ways does Cisco HyperFlex upgrade the traditional RAID? (Choose two.)
A. HyperFlex enables stretched RAID arrays spanning multiple geographic sites.
B. Hardware replacement initiates self-healing with minimal impact
C. Limiting the number of drives locally, which are not a part of the shared datastore.
D. Distributing data locally, not just across the hosts in HyperFlex cluster
E. Eliminating the need for additional hardware cards, while maintaining high performance.
Correct Answer: BE

How many vCPUs does the HXDP controller VM require?
A. 8
B. 6
C. 2
D. 4
Correct Answer: A

What does the letter W indicate when selecting CPUs for your HX Node (le. HX-CPU 8170M)?
A. support of 1.5 TB/socket of memory
B. support for all flash drive array
C. support for NVMe
D. support for 768 TB/socket of memory
Correct Answer: A

Which three functionalities are provided by VAAI? (Choose three.)
A. When a native snapshot is requested, the request is processed by the hypervisor.
B. Missing pieces of data are re-created from the remaining nodes in service
C. Cisco HXDP creates a file system native snapshot which is registered in the vSphere.
D. VAAI performs caching, deduplication: and compression of data.
E. Instead of the snapshot being performed in hypervisor it is offloaded to Cisco HXDP.
F. VAAI uses RAID to consolidate disks into a shared data platform.
Correct Answer: ACE

Which three capabilities are provided by Virtual Interface Cards\\’? (Choose three.)
A. Virtualizing object storage environments by pushing metadata directly to the management server
B. The virtual interfaces created by a VIC do not accommodate hypervisor communication like VMkernel interfaces on
C. Management through Cisco IMC or UCS Manager with dynamic configuration of virtual interface cards based on the
server profile (MAC/WWN).
D. Traffic processing for internal and external communication supporting simultaneous HBA and NIC operation on the
same physical hardware.
E. Multiple-interface-card virtualization without any additional driver requirements with integration of the virtualized cards
into the Fabric Interconnect infrastructure.
F. A virtual environment, such as VMware vSphere, provides VM connectivity via a virtual switch to individual virtual
machines bypassing local hardware requests.
Correct Answer: CDE

What is the maximum number of cores supported in the Cisco UCS M5 server?
A. 28
B. 22
C. 12
D. 8
Correct Answer: A

Which three features for the NVMe transfer protocol are valid? (Choose three.)
A. Uses PCIe interface
B. Streamlined commands for fewer CPU instructions
C. More and deeper queues
D. Requires 10 controller
E. Increases memory speed for more lOPs
F. Improves SAS and SATA speed
Correct Answer: ABC

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