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Sharing My Top 1 Tips For Passing The Cisco 300-710 exam

Want to go through Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower (SNCF) (Cisco 300-710)? I’m here to share some tips to help you pass the exam. One of the great secrets to passing the 300-710 exam: focus on the 300-710 sncf study guide pdf and use it to learn. Haste makes waste. Although it depends on your IT background and test-taking skills, I recommend not rushing to take the 300-710 exam. Practice as many 300-710 exam questions as possible, and then consider participating in more than 90% of them, and the success rate is higher.

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300-710 sncf study guide pdf

300-710 SNCF Study Guide Practice Exams:

Newly published Cisco CCNP (SNCF) 300-710 Exam Practice Questions


Which two types of objects are reusable and supported by Cisco FMC? (Choose two.)

A. dynamic key mapping objects that help link HTTP and HTTPS GET requests to Layer 7 application protocols.
B. reputation-based objects that represent Security Intelligence feeds and lists, application filters based on category and reputation, and file lists
C. network-based objects that represent IP address and networks, port/protocols pairs, VLAN tags, security zones, and
origin/destination country
D. network-based objects that represent FQDN mappings and networks, port/protocol pairs, VXLAN tags, security
zones and origin/destination country
E. reputation-based objects, such as URL categories

Correct Answer: BC



An engineer must configure a Cisco FMC dashboard in a child domain. Which action must be taken so that the
dashboard is visible to the parent domain?

A. Adjust policy inheritance settings
B. Add a separate widget
C. Create a copy of the dashboard
D. Add a separate tab

Correct Answer: C


What is the benefit of selecting the trace option for packet capture?

A. The option indicates whether the packet was dropped or successful.
B. The option indicated whether the destination host responds through a different path.
C. The option limits the number of packets that are captured.
D. The option captures details of each packet.

Correct Answer: C


Network traffic coming from an organization\’s CEO must never be denied. Which access control policy configuration
the option should be used if the deployment engineer is not permitted to create a rule to allow all traffic?

A. Change the intrusion policy from security to balance.
B. Configure a trust policy for the CEO.
C. Configure firewall bypass.
D. Create a NAT policy just for the CEO.

Correct Answer: B


After deploying a network-monitoring tool to manage and monitor networking devices in your organization, you realize that you need to manually upload a MIB for the Cisco FMC. In which folder should you upload the MIB file?

A. /etc/sf/DCMIB.ALERT
D. system/etc/DCEALERT.MIB

Correct Answer: C



The event dashboard within the Cisco FMC has been inundated with low priority intrusion drop events, which are
overshadowing high priority events. An engineer has been tasked with reviewing the policies and reducing the low
priority events. Which action should be configured to accomplish this task?

A. drop packet
B. generate events
C. drop connection
D. drop and generate

Correct Answer: B



With Cisco Firepower Threat Defense software, which interface mode do you configure for an IPS deployment, where
traffic passes through the appliance but does not require VLAN rewriting?

A. inline set
B. passive
C. inline tap
D. routed
E. transparent

Correct Answer: D


Within an organization\’s high availability environment where both firewalls are passing traffic, traffic must be
segmented based on which department it is destined for. Each department is situated on a different LAN. What must be configured to meet these requirements?

A. redundant interfaces
B. span EtherChannel clustering
C. high availability active/standby firewalls
D. multi-instance firewalls

Correct Answer: D


In which two ways do access control policies operate on a Cisco Firepower system? (Choose two.)

A. Traffic inspection is interrupted temporarily when configuration changes are deployed.
B. The system performs intrusion inspection followed by file inspection.
C. They block traffic based on Security Intelligence data.
D. File policies use an associated variable set to perform intrusion prevention.
E. The system performs a preliminary inspection on trusted traffic to validate that it matches the trusted parameters.

Correct Answer: AC



Which command should be used on the Cisco FTD CLI to capture all the packets that hit an interface?

A. configure core dump packet-engine enable
B. capture-traffic
C. capture
D. capture WORD

Correct Answer: B



An organization has a compliance requirement to protect servers from clients, however, the clients and servers all reside on the same Layer 3 network. Without readdressing IP subnets for clients or servers, how is segmentation achieved?

A. Change the IP addresses of the servers, while remaining on the same subnet.
B. Deploy a firewall in routed mode between the clients and servers.
C. Change the IP addresses of the clients, while remaining on the same subnet.
D. Deploy a firewall in transparent mode between the clients and servers.

Correct Answer: B


Which group within Cisco does the Threat Response team use for threat analysis and research?

A. Cisco Deep Analytics
B. OpenDNS Group
C. Cisco Network Response
D. Cisco Talos

Correct Answer: D



The administrator is attempting to remotely log into a switch in the data center using SSH and is unable to connect. How does the administrator confirm that traffic is reaching the firewall?

A. by running Wireshark on the administrator\’s PC.
B. by performing a packet capture on the firewall.
C. by running a packet tracer on the firewall.
D. by attempting to access it from a different workstation.

Correct Answer: B

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