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A network administrator needs to be notified if someone attempts to tamper with or shut down the VPN connection on an iPad or iPhone. Which product should the administrator use to configure the notification alert?
A. Mobile Email Monitor
B. Mobile Device Management
C. Network Prevent
D. Mobile Prevent

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 48
Which command attempts to find the name of the drive in the private region and to match it to a disk media record that is missing a disk access record?
A. vxdisk
B. vxdctl
C. vxreattach
D. vxrecover

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 49
What is the correct configuration for BoxMonitor.Channels that will allow the server to start as a Network Monitor server?
A. Packet Capture, Span Port
B. Packet Capture, Network Monitor
C. Packet Capture, Network Tap
D. Packet Capture, Copy Rule

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 50
Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is testing the DLP installation by placing .EML files into the drop folder, but has been
unsuccessful in generating any incidents. The administrator is checking the Advanced Server Settings
page to see if it can help diagnose the issue.
What could be causing this problem?

A. BoxMonitor.IncidentWriter setting needs to be set to Test
B. BoxMonitor.FileReader needs to be set to default
C. BoxMonitor.IncidentWriterMemory is set too high
D. BoxMonitor.Channels contains an incompatible entry

Correct Answer: D
An administrator needs to remove an agent and its associated events from a specific Endpoint Server. Which Agent Task does the administrator need to perform to disable its visibility in the Enforce UI?
A. Delete action from the Agent Summary page
B. Disable action from Symantec Management Console
C. Change Endpoint Server action from the Agent Overview page
D. Delete action from the Agent Health dashboard

Correct Answer: A
An administrator pulls the Services and Operation logs off of a DLP Agent by using the Pull Logs action. What happens to the log files after the administrator performs the Pull Logs action?
A. they are stored directly on the Enforce server
B. they are transferred directly to the Enforce Server and deleted from the DLP Agent
C. they are created on the DLP Agent then pulled down to the Enforce server
D. they are temporarily stored on the DLP Agent’s Endpoint server

Correct Answer: D

A company needs to disable USB devices on computers that are generating a number of recurring DLP incidents. It decides to implement Endpoint Lockdown using Endpoint Prevent, which integrates with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and Symantec Management Platform. After incidents are still detected from several agents, the company determines that a component is missing.
Which component needs to be added to disable the USB devices once incidents are detected?
A. Control Compliance Suite
B. Workflow Solution
C. pcAnywhere
D. Risk Automation Suite

Correct Answer: B
A compliance officer needs to understand how the company is complying with its data security policies over time. Which report should the compliance officer generate to obtain the compliance information?
A. Policy Trend report, summarized by policy, then quarter
B. Policy Trend report, summarized by policy, then severity
C. Policy report, filtered on quarter, and summarized by policy
D. Policy report, filtered on date, and summarized by policy

Correct Answer: A
A divisional executive requests a report of all incidents generated by a particular region, summarized by department. What must be populated to generate this report?
A. remediation attributes
B. sender correlations
C. status groups
D. custom attributes

Correct Answer: C

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