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Update Actual Cisco 350-601 DCCOR Dumps Questions

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Cisco 350-601 DCCOR exam test

Q #1
Which command set creates this certificate request?

A. UCS-A # scope keyring kr2016 UCS-A /keyring # create certreq sjc2016 UCS-A /keyring* # commitbuffer
B. UCS-B # scope keyring kr2016 UCS-B /keyring # create certreq ip subject-name sjc2016 UCS-B
/keyring* # commit-both
C. UCS-B# scope security UCS-B /security # scope keyring kr2016 UCS-B /security/keyring # set certreq
sjc2016 UCS-B /security/keyring* # commit-both
D. UCS-A# scope security UCS-A /security # scope keyring kr2016 UCS-A /security/keyring # create certreq ip subject-name sjc2016 UCS-A /security/keyring* # commit-buffer

Correct Answer: D

Q #2

A connect network engineer connects the CAN interface of a server to a switch. The switch must bring down all the
VLANs on the interface that are not enabled for FCoE, but the Vlans that are enabled for FCoE should continue to carry
SAN traffic without interruption. Which configuration should be applied to the switch to achieve this objective?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: D

Q #3

An engineer is duplicating an existing Cisco UCS set up at a new site. What are two characteristics of a logical
configuration backup of a Cisco UCS Manager database? (Choose two.)

A. contains the AAA and RBAC configurations
B. contains a file with an extension.tgz that stores all of the configurations
C. contains the configuration organizations and locales
D. contains all of the configurations
E. contains the VLAN and VSAN configurations

Correct Answer: CE

Q #4

A storage engineer must configure zoning on a Cisco MDS 9000 Series switch. Drag and drop actions from the left into
the order on the right
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Q #5

Which product includes prebuilt templates that can be used to customize fabric deployments?

A. Cisco ACI
B. Cisco UCS Manager
C. Cisco Data Center Network Manager
D. Cisco Tetration

Correct Answer: C

Q #6

A network engineer must implement RBAC on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer Switches.
Drag and drop the Cisco MDS 9000 Series roles from the left onto the correct categories on the right.
Select and Place:


Q #7

Which solution provides remote and direct file-level access to users and systems?

A. direct-attached storage
B. Fibre Channel over Ethernet
C. storage area network
D. network-attached storage

Correct Answer: D

Q #8

What is a characteristic of EPLD updates on Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches?

A. EPLD updates are installed only via the Cisco DCNM GUI
B. EPLD packages update hardware functionality on a device
C. EPLD bundles are released separately from a Cisco MDS NX-OS release
D. EPLD updates are nondisruptive to traffic flow

Correct Answer: B epld_rn.html

Q #9

Due to new regulatory requirements from a third party, organization ABC must enable two-factor authentication for the Cisco UCS environment. The requirement is also to provide redundancy if the authentication server goes offline. Which three authentication components must be enabled to meet this requirement? (Choose three.)

A. provider group
B. authentication domain
E. local

Correct Answer: ABC

Q #10

What are two types of FC/FCoE oversubscription ratios? (Choose two.)

A. server storage to end-node count
B. port bandwidth to uplink bandwidth
C. edge ISL bandwidth to core ISL bandwidth
D. host bandwidth to storage bandwidth
E. switch processing power to end-node processing power

Correct Answer: CD

Q #11

When a strict CoPP policy is implemented, which statement describes an event during which packets are dropped?

A. Fifteen SSH sessions remain connected to the switch.
B. A large system image is copied to a switch by using the default VRF.
C. A ping sweep is performed on a network that is connected through a switch.
D. A web server that is connected to a switch is affected by a DDoS attack.

Correct Answer: B

Q #12

A company is investigating different options for IT automation tools. The IT team has experience with Python programming language and scripting using a declarative language. The proposed tool should be easy to set up and
should not require installing an agent on target devices.

The team will also need to build custom modules based on the Python programming language to extend the tool\’s functionality. Which automation tool should be used to meet these requirements?

A. Ansible
B. Chef
C. Puppet

Correct Answer: A

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