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What is the primary effect of the spanning-tree portfast command?
A. It immediately enables the port in the listening state.
B. It immediately puts the port into the forwarding state when the switch is reloaded.
C. It enabled BPDU messages.
D. It minimizes spanning-tree convergence time.
Correct Answer: D

Which WAN topology provides a combination of simplicity quality and availability?
A. partial mesh
B. full mesh
C. point-to-point
D. hub-and-spoke
Correct Answer: C

Drag the descriptions of device management from the left onto the types of device management on the right.

200-301 exam questions-q3


Which two options are the best reasons to use an IPV4 private IP space? (Choose two.)
A. to enable intra-enterprise communication
B. to implement NAT
C. to connect applications
D. to conserve global address space
E. to manage routing overhead
Correct Answer: AD

Which two values or settings must be entered when configuring a new WLAN in the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
GUI? (Choose two.)
A. QoS settings
B. IP address of one or more access points
D. profile name
E. management interface settings
Correct Answer: CD


200-301 exam questions-q6

Refer to the exhibit. Which route type is configured to reach the Internet?
A. network route
B. floating static route
C. host route
D. default route
Correct Answer: D

Drag and drop the networking parameters from the left onto the correct values on the right.
Select and Place:

200-301 exam questions-q7

SSH uses TCP port 22 while SNMP uses UDP port 161 and 162.

Drag and drop the QoS congestion management terms from the left onto the description on the right.
Select and Place:

200-301 exam questions-q8

CBWGQ : provides guaranteed bandwidth to a specified class of traffic CQ : services a specified number of bytes in one
queue before continuing to the next queue FIFO : uses store-and-forward queuing PQ : places packets into one of four
priority-based queues WFQ : provides minimum guaranteed bandwidth to one or more flows

Which NAT term is defined as a group of addresses available for NAT use?
A. NAT pool
B. dynamic NAT
C. static NAT
D. one-way NAT
Correct Answer: A

What are two descriptions of three-tier network topologies? (Choose two.)
A. The distribution layer runs Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies
B. The network core is designed to maintain continuous connectivity when devices fail
C. The access layer manages routing between devices in different domains
D. The core layer maintains wired connections for each host
E. The core and distribution layers perform the same functions
Correct Answer: AB

Which configuration management mechanism uses TCP port 22 by default when communicating with managed nodes?
A. Ansible
B. Python
C. Puppet
D. Chef
Correct Answer: A

An engineering team asks an implementer to configure syslog for warning conditions and error conditions. Which
command does the implementer configure to achieve the desired result?
A. logging trap 5
B. logging trap 2
C. logging trap 4
D. logging trap 3
Correct Answer: C

Drag and drop each broadcast IP address on the left to the Broadcast Address column on the right. Not all options are

200-301 exam questions-q13

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