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Cisco 300-820 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions (CLCEI)

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latest Cisco 300-820 exam questions 1-13 (2022.12 updated)

New Question 1:

An administrator has been tasked to bulk entitle 200 existing users and ensure all future users are automatically configured for the Webex Hybrid Calendar Service. Which two options should be used to configure these users? (Choose two.)

A. Export a CSV list of users in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, set the Hybrid Calendar Service to TRUE for users to be enabled, then import the file back to Manage Users menu in the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

B. Set up an Auto-Assign template that enables Hybrid Calendar.

C. Select the Hybrid Services settings card in the Cisco Webex Control Hub and import a User Status report that contains only users to be enabled.

D. On the Users tab in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, check the box next to each user who should be enabled, then click the toggle for the Hybrid Calendar service to turn it on.

E. From Cisco Webex Control Hub, verify the domain that your Hybrid Calendar users will use, which automatically activates them for the service.

Correct Answer: AE

New Question 2:

What is a key configuration requirement for Hybrid Message Service High Availability deployment with multiple IM and Presence clusters?

A. You must have the Intercluster Sync Agent working across your IM and Presence clusters.

B. You must have the Intercluster Lookup Service working across all of your IM and Presence clusters.

C. Your IM and Presence Service clusters must have Multiple Device Messaging disabled.

D. AXL service should be activated only on the publisher of each IM and Presence cluster.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two outbound connections should an administrator configure on the internal firewall? (Choose two.)

A. XMPP: TCP 7400

B. SIP: TCP 7001

C. SIP TCP 5061

D. Media: UDP 36012 to 59999

E. HTTPS: TCP 8443

Correct Answer: AB

The internal firewall must allow the following outbound connections from the Expressway-C to the Expressway-E: SIP: TCP 7001 Traversal media: UDP 2776 to 2777 (or 36000 to 36011 for large VM/appliance) XMPP: TCP 7400 HTTPS (tunneled over SSH between C and E): TCP 2222 Source: Official Cert Guide


New Question 4:

Which attribute in the SDP for a call is affected by the static NAT address configuration in an Expressway-E?

A. connection

B. name

C. version

D. bandwidth

Correct Answer: A


New Question 5:

Which describes what could done on the Expressway-E to successfully route calls from Expressway-C on the internal network to the Internet?

A. Application layer gateway could be enabled to bridge the media traffic.

B. A static NAT route could be added to the firewall to bridge the two networks.

C. The Expressway-E could be enabled for Dual-NIC capability.

D. The Expressway-E could be enabled for interworking.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 6:

When deploying an Expressway Core and Expressway Edge cluster for mobile and remote access, which TLS verify subject name must be configured on the Expressway-E UC traversal zone?

A. Webex CUSP Cluster Name

B. Expressway-E Cluster Name

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher FQDN

D. Expressway-C Cluster Name

Correct Answer: D

New Question 7:

A Cisco Webex Hybrid Video Mesh Node can be installed in the DMZ and on the internal network.

Which statement is true?

A. Webex Cloud supports either a DMZ-based Mesh Node for security or an internal-based Mesh Node for media control only.

B. Installing a Video Mesh Node in the DMZ requires you to open TCP and UDP port 4444 in your internal firewall for full clustering functionality.

C. Installing a Video Mesh Node in the DMZ requires the external firewall to allow UDP traffic from ANY port to the address of the Video Mesh Nodes via port 5004.

D. Using internal Video Mesh Node also works due to Mobile and Remote Access setup for Webex Teams clients. A DMZ node is added for extra security.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 8:

How does an administrator configure an Expressway to make sure an external caller cannot reach a specific internal address?

A. add the specific URI in the firewall section of the Expressway and block it

B. block the call with a call policy rule in the Expressway-E

C. add a search rule route all calls to the Cisco UCM

D. configure FAC for the destination alias on the Expressway

Correct Answer: B

New Question 9:

Which zone is required between Expressway-E and Expressway-C in Mobile and Remote Access deployments?

A. Unified Communications traversal zone

B. neighbor zone

C. DNS zone

D. traversal zone

Correct Answer: A

New Question 10:

Which statement about the Cisco Webex hybrid service is true?

A. Expressway Connector is required for an on-premises Exchange server.

B. Hybrid Message service works only with Jabber cloud deployment.

C. Directory Connector is required for Azure AD.

D. Directory Connector must be deployed for OBTP to work with on-premises video devices.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 11:

Which service is available in a cloud-based deployment using Cisco Webex Messenger?

A. Presence

B. Phone services

C. Voicemail

D. Call forward services

Correct Answer: A

New Question 12:

What should an engineer use to create users for a Cisco Jabber Cloud Deployment?

A. Cisco Webex Administration Tool

B. Cisco UCM

C. Cisco Webex Directory Connector

D. Cisco Unified IM and Presence Server

Correct Answer: A


New Question 13:

Which two statements about Mobile and Remote Access certificate are true? (Choose two.)

A. Expressway Core can use private CA signed certificate.

B. You must upload the root certificates in the phone trust store.

C. Expressway must generate certificate signing request.

D. Expressway Edge must use public CA signed certificate.

E. The Jabber client can work with public or private CA signed certificate.

Correct Answer: AE

New Question 14:

In a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, where must communications be encrypted with TLS?

A. Cisco Expressway-E and endpoints outside the enterprise

B. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and IMandP

C. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager

D. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and endpoints outside the enterprise

Correct Answer: A

New Question 15:

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two numbers match the regular expression? (Choose two.)

A. d20d16d20d22

B. 2091652010224

C. 209165200225

D. d209d165d200d224

E. 209165200224

Correct Answer: CE



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