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QUESTION 11 Question: 11
You can reinstall bundled printer drivers from the Leopard installation disc.
A. True

B. False Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 12 Question: 12
Leopard File Sharing allows files to be shared in folders other than the user’s Public folder.
A. True

B. False Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 13 Question: 13
Which conditions must be met for you to be able to connect to a remote “Back to My Mac” enabled computer? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
A. You have a .Mac account.
B. The remote computer must be awake.
C. Your computer has “Back to My Mac” enabled.
D. Remote computer has “Back to My Mac” enabled.
E. Your Time Machine Backup Disk must be connected. Correct Answer: ABCD
QUESTION 14 Question: 14
Which ONE of the following volume formats is required for use on a Time Machine backup drive?
A. Mac OS Standard
B. Mac OS Extended
C. FAT-32

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 15
Question: 15
Which application provides the most detail about system processes in Mac OS X v10.5?
A. System Profiler
B. Activity Monitor
C. Process Manager
D. CPU Monitor Expanded Window

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 16 Question: 16
Which of the following scenarios is most appropriate to use Repair Permissions in Disk Utility?
A. Cannot open one Numbers document. Other Numbers documents open without issue.
B. Cannot install any application into /Applications.
C. Cannot completely erase and install Leopard.
D. Computer fails to turn on.

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 17 Question: 17
In order to install Leopard, the Mac must have at least _____ .
A. One processor running at 667 MHz
B. One processor running at 867 MHz
C. Two processors running at 667 MHz
D. Two processors running at 867 MHz

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 18 Question: 18
The startup sequence for Leopard is broken into three major sections. In what order do the following three stages occur? a.Startup b.Hardware c.Login
A. a-b-c
B. b-c-a
C. c-b-a
D. b-a-c
E. c-a-b

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 19 Question: 19
What should you look for when quickly checking Leopard’s Network preference for proper network configuration?
A. Verify the preference pane is unlocked.
B. Click the Advanced button and verify that no proxies are enabled.
C. Look for the color of the dot next to the expected network port.
D. Look for the presence or absence of a dot next to the expected network port.
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 20 Question: 20
Which three of the following drive types are supported by Leopard for Time Machine backups? SELECT THREE
A. iPod
B. XSAN volume
C. Dot Mac iDisk
D. Internal non-startup volume
E. External USB, FireWire, or eSATA drive

Correct Answer: BDE
QUESTION 21 Question: 21
In Leopard, a Sharing Only account on your Mac can only _____.
A. Access the Shared folder to store files
B. Be used to access your Mac over a network
C. Be used to share this account with other users
D. Be used for guests to access your Mac from the login screen

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 22 Question: 22
How can a user delete a file named “junk document” from all previous backups?
A. Delete “junk document” in the Time Machine Finder window for the most recent backup.
B. Open Time Machine preferences and remove the file “junk document” from the backup list.
C. Select the “Delete all Backups of “junk document” from the File menu in any standard Finder window.
D. Select the “Delete all Backups of “junk document” from the Action menu in the Time Machine Finder window.

Correct Answer: D
Examine the exhibit.

A. The Mac failed its power on self-test.
B. The Leopard kernel could not continue executing.
C. This version of Mac OS X is not compatible with this Mac.
D. The Leopard Security Module discovered a virus and blocked it.

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 24 Question: 24
Examine the exhibit.

On a Mac OS X v10.5 computer you see the message shown in the exhibit. What does this message indicate?
A. A kernel panic has occurred.
B. An application has stopped responding.
C. You have pressed the power button while the computer was powered up.
D. You have connected a bus-powered device that requires more power than is available.

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 25 Question: 25
Which of the following System Preferences contains settings to configure the built-in firewall in Leopard?
A. Sharing
B. Security
C. Network
D. Accounts

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 26 Question: 26
When Time Machine creates incremental backups, how are the files organized?
A. Version numbers (1.1,1.2,1.3)
B. Date and time (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss)
C. Date and time (mm-dd-yyyy-hhmmss)
D. Version numbers (1a,2b,3c)

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 27 Question: 27
Which is a valid troubleshooting step to resolve a customer’s complaint that his Time Machine backup takes a long time?
A. Quit unused applications.
B. Purchase a larger backup drive.
C. Reselect the drive as your backup drive.
D. Remove non-Time Machine files from your backup drive.

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 28 Question: 28
If you choose to have multiple active ports, place the _____ port at the top of the list to give it the highest priority.
A. Modem
B. Wireless
C. Highest bandwidth
D. Most frequently used Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 29 Question: 29
You may enable Parental Controls for guest users in Leopard using the “Enable Parental Controls” check box option in the Accounts pane of system preferences.
A. True

B. False Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 30 Question: 30
In order to perform an erase and restore from a Time Machine backup you should _____.
A. Boot to the Leopard Installer DVD and use the Restore function in Disk Utility.
B. Boot to the Time Machine backup folder and use the Restore function in Disk Utility.
C. Boot to the Leopard Installer DVD and use the “Restore System From Backup” utility.
D. Boot to the Time Machine backup folder and use the “Restore System From Backup” utility . Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 31 Question: 31
When Maria starts up her Mac with Leopard, a utility she recently installed launches and disables the mouse and keyboard. How can Maria prevent the utility from automatically launching?
A. Hold down the V key while the computer starts up.
B. Hold down the Shift key while the computer starts up.
C. Hold down the Option key while the computer starts up.
D. Log in as another user, and use Disk Utility to repair permissions on the startup volume. Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 32 Question: 32
In Leopard, you can copy and paste Parental Control settings between users by using the _____.
A. Copy and paste options from the Edit menu
B. Parental Controls preferences
C. Sharing preferences
D. Security preferences Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 33 Question: 33
You can use _____ to look at the messages and log files sent and received by your Mac with Leopard.
A. Console
B. Disk Utility
C. Activity Monitor
D. System Profiler Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 34 Question: 34
Starting up a Mac with Leopard in Verbose mode is useful when troubleshooting _____ issues.
A. Login
B. Startup
C. Installation

D. Networking Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 35 Question: 35
Your customer wants to quickly build a list of all applications and extensions installed on his Mac with Tiger before upgrading to Leopard. Which of the following would be the best choice to do this?
A. Finder
B. Console
C. System Profiler
D. Directory Utility Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 36 Question: 36
While troubleshooting a customer’s Mac with Leopard, you want to try new network settings, but you don’t want to disrupt the customer’s existing settings. What can you do to achieve both goals?
A. Delete all .plist files related to networking.
B. Create and switch to a new network location.
C. Reinstall Leopard and set yourself up as the new user.
D. Select Override Network Settings in Network preferences. Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 37 Question: 37
To configure printers in Leopard use the _____.
A. Print and Fax Preference Pane in System Preferences
B. Printer Setup Utility located in /Applications/Utilities/
C. Print Pool feature from the File menu
D. Chooser

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 38 Question: 38
If a Macintosh computer continually boots into verbose mode, or single user mode, the first step that should be taken is _____.
A. Perform an archive and install
B. Reset the NVRAM/PRAM
C. To suppress login items
D. Reset the PMU

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 39 Question: 39
A customer is backing up a computer named “Cliffords MacBook” to an external hard drive named “Big Drive” using Time Machine. What path is the backup stored in?
A. /Cliffords MacBook/Backups.backupdb/Big Drive/
B. /Big Drive/Backups.backupdb/Cliffords MacBook/
C. /Cliffords MacBook/Time Machine/backups/Big Drive/
D. /Big Drive/Time Machine/backups/Cliffords MacBook/

Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 40 Question: 40
A customer would like to install Leopard onto a Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. What installation options will be available to this customer? SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.
A. Upgrade
B. Secure Install
C. Erase and Install
D. Archive and Install

Correct Answer: ACD
QUESTION 41 Question: 41
Which of the following is the best way to check for basic network connectivity from a known good Mac OS X operating system?
A. Perform an erase and install then use Network Utility.
B. Perform an archive and install, then use Network Utility.
C. Use Network Utility while started from any Mac OS X system.
D. Start up from the Mac OS X Install disc, then use Network Utility.

Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 42 Question: 42
In order to temporarily extend the time limit of a managed user in Leopard you must _____ and _____. SELECT TWO
A. Log out of the managed user
B. Be logged in as the managed user
C. Use an administrator name and password
D. Send an instant request via iChat to the admin user
Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 43 Question: 43
Which statement about FileVault is TRUE?
A. Once a user enables FileVault, it cannot be disabled.
B. FileVault can only be enabled on non-administrator user accounts.
C. There is no way to recover a user’s data from a FileVault-protected account if the login password is lost.
D. When a user enables FileVault, the user’s home directory is transformed into an encrypted disk image bundle.

Correct Answer: D
Examine the exhibit.

When troubleshooting a customer’s inability to send outgoing mail, you see these settings. What is most likely the reason for this customer’s inability to send mail?
A. Dot Mac is not an IMAP compatible service.
B. The settings are correct; it is likely an issue with the ISP.
C. There is a punctuation issue in the outgoing mail server.
D. The Dot Mac account is a free trial and is unable to send mail. Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 45 Question: 45
Which of the following should you always run after an archive and install of Leopard?
A. System Profiler
B. Software Update
C. Network Assistant
D. Migration Assistant Correct Answer: B
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