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A(n) ________ account user can create, delete, modify accounts, install software, and change system settings.
A. Guest
B. Standard
C. Sharing Only
D. Administrator

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 31
You would like to give a friend temporary access to your Mac so that they can check their online banking website, but would rather they not use your administrator account. What is the easiest way for you to share your Mac and protect your privacy?
A. Log in to a Sharing Only user.
B. Enable a Managed User account, and limit access to just Safari.
C. Create a Standard User account, then delete it when your friend is done.
D. Open Accounts preferences, select Guest Account, then select Allow guests to log in to this computer.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 32
An administrator would like to quickly remove another user’s access by deleting her account, but keep the contents of her very large home folder for later retrieval. Which account delete option is the best choice?
A. Delete the home folder.
B. Don’t change the home folder.
C. Save the home folder in a disk image.
D. Burn the contents of the home folder to a DVD-R then delete it.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 33
A user has forgotten his administrator password. What is the recommended tool for a user to resolve this issue?
A. Terminal
B. Single User mode
C. Reset Password utility
D. Firmware Password Utility

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 34
What built-in feature of Snow Leopard allows a user to rename a home directory?
A. Finder
B. Keychain Access
C. Reset Password utility
D. Advanced Account Options

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 35
Snow Leopard uses both standard _______ and ________ permissions to control a users access to files and folders. SELECT TWO

Correct Answer: AE
Which of the following scenarios is most appropriate to use Repair Permissions in Disk Utility?
A. Computer fails to turn on.
B. Cannot complete a Snow Leopard install.
C. Cannot install any application into /Applications.
D. Cannot open one Numbers document. Other Numbers documents open without issue.

Correct Answer: C
If a user needs to change the permissions of a file to read only for all users, what is the recommended method?
A. Use the Terminal to adjust file permissions with command line tools.
B. Use Repair Permissions in the Disk Utility to adjust the file’s permissions.
C. Use the Sharing & Permissions pop-up menu in the file’s Get Info window to choose read only for all users.
D. Place the file into a folder, then change folder permissions to read only using the Sharing & Permissions pop-up menu in the folder’s Get Info window.

Correct Answer: C
A user finds that she cannot access the Movies, Pictures, and Downloads folders in her home directory. The Finder displays the message: “The folder “Downloads” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.” How can the user quickly and easily correct these permissions issues with her personal data?
A. Open the Disk Utility and run repair disk permissions.
B. Erase their hard drive and restore from a Time Machine backup.
C. Open the Terminal and use command line tools to correct the permissions.
D. Use Reset Password utility on the Snow Leopard Install DVD to reset home directory permissions and ACLs.

Correct Answer: D
A customer is backing up a computer named “Cliffords MacBook” to an external hard drive named “BigDrive” using Time Machine. What path is the backup stored in?
A. /Cliffords MacBook/Backups.backupdb/BigDrive/
B. /BigDrive/Backups.backupdb/Cliffords MacBook/
C. /Cliffords MacBook/Time Machine/backups/BigDrive/
D. /BigDrive/Time Machine/backups/Cliffords MacBook/
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 40
When Time Machine creates incremental backups, how are the files organized?
A. Version numbers (1a,2b,3c)
B. Version numbers (1.1,1.2,1.3)
C. Date and time (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss)
D. Date and time (mm-dd-yyyy-hhmmss)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 41
How can a user delete a file named “junk document” from all previous Time Machine backups?
A. Delete “junk document” in the Time Machine Finder window for the most recent backup.
B. Open Time Machine preferences and remove the file “junk document” from the backup list.
C. Select the “Delete all Backups of “junk document” from the File menu in any standard Finder window.
D. Select the “Delete all Backups of “junk document” from the Action menu in the Time Machine Finder window.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 42
Which is a valid troubleshooting step to resolve a customer’s complaint that his Time Machine backup takes a long time?
A. Quit unused applications.
B. Purchase a larger backup drive.
C. Reselect the drive as your backup drive.
D. Remove non-Time Machine files from your backup drive.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 43
Which one of the following is a physical port that appears in the Network preference pane?
B. 6 to 4
D. FireWire

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 44
Examine the exhibit. Notice that the Airport status indicator is yellow. Complete the following statement about the status of the AirPort service on this Mac. AirPort service is _____.

A. inactive (off)
B. active and connected
C. active but not connected
D. inactive (hardware is missing)

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 45
How would a Snow Leopard user change the order of the network services, so that Airport is the first choice?
A. Delete all other network services using the Network preference pane.
B. Set Airport as the priority network service in the Airport Utility preferences.
C. Select Airport as the default network interface in the info tab of the Network Utility.
D. Select “Set Service Order” in the Network preference pane’s Action menu then drag Airport to the top of the list.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 46
Which one of the following combinations of network configurations would require multiple locations to properly configure?
A. PPP dialup IP address with modem and DHCP IP address with AirPort.
B. DHCP IP address with built-in Ethernet and DHCP IP address with AirPort.
C. PPP dialup IP address with modem and fixed IP address with built-in Ethernet.
D. Fixed IP address with built-in Ethernet and DHCP IP address with built-in Ethernet.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 47
Dave has recently purchased a third party router, and now finds he can no longer host video chats. What section of the iChat Connection Doctor will allow him to detect if the router is configured correctly?
A. Firewall
B. Statistics
C. Capabilities
D. Network Status

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 48
Examine the exhibit. You go on site to troubleshoot a network issue for a customer. Given the above results of network diagnostics, what is the most likely cause of the connectivity issue?

A. ISP server is down.
B. Corrupt network location.
C. The ethernet cable is unplugged.
D. The network settings are not valid for this network.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 49
You suspect that a customer’s MacBook Pro is failing to connect to a network because of a software corruption issue. Which technique is the best way for you to test for basic connectivity from known good software?
A. Use the Network Setup Assistant to create a new network location.
B. Create a new user in the Account preference pane and test in that user.
C. Start up from the Snow Leopard Mac OS X Install DVD, then use Network Utility.
D. Erase the customer’s hard drive, reinstall Snow Leopard, then use Network Utility.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 50
Bob is very concerned about network security since he travels extensively for work and frequently has to use public wifi connections. What built-in security setting could he enable to help prevent others from finding his computer on a network?
A. Stealth Mode
B. Application Firewall
C. Block all incoming connections
D. Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections

Correct Answer: A

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