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You created Volume keyframes in a track by using the Write automation method. Which statement is true?
A. Moving the clip on the sequence will not move the keyframes.
B. Moving the clip on the sequence will cause those keyframes to move.
C. You can move the keyframes if you press the Alt key as you move the clip.
D. You can move the keyframes if you press the Control key as you move the clip.

Correct Answer: A
When should you map a clip’s source audio channels?
A. after adding a clip to a sequence
B. before adding a clip to a sequence
C. in the original audio creation program
D. immediately before exporting to DVD or video tape

Correct Answer: B
Which determines the specific settings that appear in the ASIO settings dialog box?
A. the ASIO device driver
B. the audio effects used in the project
C. the Playback Settings in the Project Settings dialog box
D. the hardware selected in Audio Output Mapping preferences

Correct Answer: A
Which panel allows you to create settings that will allow you to capture only the video and NOT the audio from a clip on a digital video tape?
A. the Info panel
B. the Capture panel
C. the Effects panel
D. the Project panel

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 35
How do you add an Opacity keyframe to a clip on the timeline with the Selection tool?
A. Alt-click the graph on the desired clip
B. Ctrl-click the graph on the desired clip
C. Shift-click the graph on the desired clip
D. It is NOT possible with the Selection tool.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 36
Double-clicking on the work area bar in the Timeline panel _____.
A. causes the Timeline to play in preview mode
B. causes the work area bar to extend the length of the project
C. renders the section of the Timeline the work area bar covers
D. causes the work area bar to extend the length of the Timeline panel

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 37
What happens when you open a project with a custom workspace on a computer other than the one on which you created it?
A. The application asks you to create the custom workspace.
B. The application looks for a workspace with the same name.
C. The application opens the project with the default Editing workspace.
D. The application creates a .PRPROJ preferences file of the same name.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 38
Click the Exhibit button.
You are dragging a panel. What happens to the dragged panel when the mouse button is released?
A. The dragged panel is grouped with the existing group.
B. The dragged panel is removed from the existing group.
C. The dragged panel is docked next to the existing group.
D. The dragged panel creates a new group in the middle of the screen.

Correct Answer: A
How will sequence markers in a nested sequence appear in the parent sequence and in the source monitor?
A. They will appear as clip markers.
B. They will appear as DVD markers.
C. They will appear as sequence markers.
D. They will appear as multi-camera markers.

Correct Answer: A
What happens when you use the Slip tool to drag the center clip of three clips to the left?
A. The duration of the center clip changes.
B. The In and Out points of the center clip change.
C. The Out point of the clip to the left is shortened.
D. The In point of the clip to the right is lengthened.
Correct Answer: B
How do you access the Multicam Monitor window?
A. through the Window menu
B. through the Flyout menu on the timeline
C. through the Flyout menu on the Program Monitor
D. through the Right-click menu on the Multicam Clip

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 42
What is the duration of a clip if you set the In point and Out point to the same timecode?
A. zero frames
B. one frame
C. It depends on the frame rate.
D. It depends on the dropcode setting.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 43
You define a sequence clip as a multi-camera clip _____.
A. through Clip menu
B. through the Sequence menu
C. through the Flyout menu of the Timeline
D. by applying a multi-camera filter to the sequence clip

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 44
Which procedure assures continuous timecode on a tape?
A. resetting the counter on your video camera with each scene
B. using an analog VCR to put timecode on the tape before you use it
C. fast-forwarding at least five seconds between scenes when using a new video tape
D. using your digital camera to shoot the lens cap with audio recording disabled before you use the tape

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 45
You have a single source clip in several different nested sequences. How does modifying a filter on the source clip affect the nested sequences it is within?
A. Only new nested sequences will see the update.
B. All nested sequences will be immediately updated.
C. The nested sequences will update after being rendered.
D. Nested sequences will not be affected by the source clip being changed.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 46
What does 3:2 pulldown indicate?
A. Every third frame of video, two fields get deleted.
B. Three frames get played into two to facilitate playback at different rates.
C. Two frames get converted into three to facilitate playback at different rates.
D. The first 24p frame is written to two fields of 60i video. The next is written to three, the next to two.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 47
You need to shift the In and Out points of a clip forward or backward by the same number of frames in a single action. Which tool should you use?
A. Slip tool
B. Slide tool
C. Selection tool
D. Ripple Edit tool

Correct Answer: A
Which modifier key is used to convert overlay edits to insert edits, while dragging a clip between two clips on the Timeline?
A. Alt
B. Esc
C. Shift
D. Control

Correct Answer: D
Where would you export a short video sequence as an animated .GIF file for use on a Web site?
A. through the Save As settings
B. through the export settings in the Export Movie function
C. through the export settings in the Adobe Media Encoder
D. through the export settings in the Export Frame function

Correct Answer: B
You want to export a small portion of your Timeline to a movie file. To accomplish, this you should _____ and choose Work Area Bar as the Range to export in the Export Movie Settings panel.
A. select the clips you want to export
B. group the clips together that you want to export
C. scale the Timeline panel to show the clips you want to export
D. set the Work Area Bar over the portion of the Timeline you want to export
Correct Answer: D
What should you do to export a file for your client to review?
A. choose File > Export for Clip Notes
B. choose Sequence > Export for Clip Notes
C. choose File > Export > Export for Clip Notes
D. choose File > Export > Movie > Export for Clips Notes

Correct Answer: B
You want to crop a few pixels from the edges of a video that will be encoded to Windows Media format using the Adobe Media Encoder. Where is this function enabled in the Adobe Media Encoder Panel?
A. on the Video tab
B. on the Others tab
C. on the Source tab
D. on the Audiences tab

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 53
You want to export a movie to standard recordable CD media that can be played in a standard CD-ROM drive with an image quality comparable to VHS video. Which format in the Export Settings of the Adobe Media Encoder should you select?

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 54
You want to include project link information in an exported movie to enable the Edit Original command in another application. Which controls should you enable in the General tab of the Export Movie Setting dialog box?
A. turn on the Add to Project When Finished checkbox
B. set the Range drop-down menu to Entire Sequence
C. set the Embedding Options drop-down menu to Project
D. turn on the Export Audio and the Export Video checkboxes

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 55
What should you do to export your sequence so that it can be streamed over the Internet?
A. choose File> Export> Stream Video
B. choose File> Movie> Export for the Internet
C. choose File> Export> Adobe Media Encoder
D. right-click the file in the Project panel and choose Stream over the Internet

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 56
You want to email your Clip Notes comments file to the person requesting the review. Which file should you attach to your email?
A. .EDL file
B. .PDF file
C. .XFDF file
D. .PRPROJ file

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 57
Which statement is true?
A. Ease In slows down the value changes entering a keyframe.
B. Ease Out slows down the value changes entering a keyframe.
C. Easy-Ease slows down the value changes leaving a keyframe.
D. Easy-Ease slows down the value changes entering a keyframe. Correct Answer: A
Click the Exhibit button.
In the exhibit, which value will change when you drag the outer edge of the Fast Color Corrector wheel clockwise?

A. Hue Angle
B. Balance Gain
C. Balance Angle
D. Balance Magnitude

Correct Answer: A
You want to overlay a timecode over the length of your Timeline, which consists of multiple clips. The fastest way to apply the timecode effect with one continuous timecode is to apply it to _____.
A. transparent video that is the length of the project
B. each clip and set the timecode source in the effect to clip
C. each clip and set the timecode source in the effect to media
D. each clip and set the timecode source in the effect to generate
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 60
Which statement about applying a single-sided transition is true?
A. Single-sided transitions fade to and from black.
B. Single-sided transitions fade to or from a transparent state.
C. Single-sided transitions give you less control over how adjacent clips transition.
D. Single-sided transitions have a single dark diagonal line through them on the Timeline or the Effects Control panel.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 61
Click the Exhibit button.
The video clip Sonic2.avi is to appear through a Track Matte, animated, and superimposed on the
Sonic1.avi video clip.
Which asset must be selected for the application of the Track Matte Key effect?
A. the Track Matte
B. none of the assets
C. the Sonic1.avi video clip
D. the Sonic2.avi video clip

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 62