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What statement correctly assigns a variable named fname the value from the s_fname column of the query object qName at the index location?
<cfset colname=”s_fname”> <cfset index=2>
A. <cfset fname =qNames.”#colname#[#index#]”>
B. <cfset fname =qNames.#colname#[#index#]>
C. <cfset fname =Evaluate(“qNames.#colname#[#index#]”)>
D. <cfset fname =Evaluate(qNames.#colname#[#index#])>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 12
What is the purpose of the <cfdump> tag?
A. display variables for debugging purposes
B. delete complex variables from an application
C. display server log information quickly in the browser
D. email all error messages generated by ColdFusion to the administrator

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 13
Consider an HTML form created with the following text box.
<input type=”text” name=”comment” size=”30″ maxlength=”50″>
Choose the conditional statement that can be used on the action page to determine if the form field was

submitted without content.
A. <cfif form.comment IS NULL>
B. <cfif IsEmpty(form.comment)>
C. <cfif NOT Len(Trim(form.comment))>
D. <cfif NOT IsDefined(form.comment)>

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 14
What tag statement correctly concatenates two variable strings?
A. <cfset fullname=firstname, lastname>
B. <cfset fullname=#firstname# #lastname#>
C. <cfset fullname=firstname & ” ” & lastname>
D. <cfset fullname=firstname + ” ” + lastname>

Correct Answer: C
What types of variables must always be prefixed when used? (Choose three)
B. Form
D. Session
E. Request
F. Application

Correct Answer: DEF
What special file can run automatically after the requested page is processed?
A. Index.cfm
B. Default.cfm
C. Application.cfm
D. OnRequestEnd.cfm

Correct Answer: D
What is the output of the loop?
<cfset employees = StructNew()>
<cfset val = StructInsert(employees, “1 “, “Pedro “)>
<cfset val = StructInsert(employees, “Rocky”, “Pet “)>
<cfloop collection = “#employees#” item = “key”>

A. 0 1
B. 1 2
C. 1 Rocky
D. Pedro Pet
Correct Answer: D
What statement is true about the colorlist attribute of the <cfchartseries> tag?
A. can refer to a CSS class
B. accepts any valid HTML color format
C. defaults to the colors red, green and blue
D. contains a list of alternate colors in case default color is not supported
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 19
Analyze the following code:
<cfset stState=StructNew()>
<!— copy existing structure into new structure —>
<cfset stNewState=stState>
<!— set values in the new structure —>

The final values for both structures are MA, Boston. Why is this the case?

A. Structures can never be copied.
B. Structures are copied by value.
C. Structures are copied by reference.
D. Structures must be referenced by prefix.

Correct Answer: C
What is used to call a method of a ColdFusion component?
A. <cfinvoke>
B. <cffunction>
C. createObject()
D. <cfcomponent>

Correct Answer: A
The following code must be used within which ColdFusion tag?

function Sum2(a,b) {
var sum = a + b;
return sum;

A. <cfscript>
B. <cffunction>
C. <cfx_function>
D. <cfprocedure>

Correct Answer: A
What type of reusable ColdFusion construct can be made available to a ColdFusion page by using <cfinclude>?
A. Custom Tags
B. Built-in ColdFusion functions
C. User-defined functions
D. ColdFusion components (CFC)
Correct Answer: C
What loop type is used to loop through the values in a structure?
A. index
B. query
C. condition
D. structure
E. collection

Correct Answer: E
What ColdFusion MX feature monitors the health of a Web application by checking the contents of a URL at a regular interval?
A. Log files
B. Code analyzer
C. System Probes
D. Scheduled tasks

Correct Answer: C
Using <cfscript>, what syntax will NOT create a new structure? (Choose two)
A. stStruct.key = “2”;
B. stStruct[“key”] = “4”;
C. stStruct = StructNew();
D. StructInsert(stStruct, “key”, “3”);
E. StructUpdate(stStruct, “key”, “5”);

Correct Answer: DE
What type of variable must be enabled in both the ColdFusion Administrator and through the use of the <cfapplication> tag?
B. Server
C. Cookie
D. Session

Correct Answer: D
How is a query object named qProducts returned from within a method of a ColdFusion component? (Choose two)
A. <cfreturn qProducts>
B. <cfresult #qProducts#>
C. <cfreturn value=”#qProducts#”>
D. <cfscript>return qProducts;</cfscript>
E. <cfreturn value=#qProducts# returnType=”query”>
Correct Answer: AD
After a <cftry>, there are the following <cfcatch> tags.
<cfcatch type=”any”>
ColdFusion code
<cfcatch type=”Application”>
ColdFusion code
<cfcatch type=”Database”>
ColdFusion code

If a database exception is caught by the <cftry>, what <cfcatch> block(s) are processed?

A. Only <cfcatch type=”Any”>
B. Only <cfcatch type=”Database”>
C. Both the <cfcatch type=”Any”>and <cfcatch type=”Database”>
D. Both the <cfcatch type=”Any”> and <cfcatch type=”Application”>

Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of the <cfflush> tag?
A. causes custom tag to abort and throw an exception
B. flushes a specific cached query and recovers the memory
C. forces ColdFusion to recache all cached pages and queries
D. incrementally flushes the current ColdFusion buffer to the Web server

Correct Answer: D
What is a true statement regarding custom tag attributes?
A. Attributes must be listed in the order they are defined.
B. Separate Attribute=”Value” pairs using a comma in the custom tag call.
C. When referring to attributes within a custom tag, you must always use the “ATTRIBUTES” prefix.
D. One <cfparam> tag is required of each attribute to test for its existence within the custom tag.

Correct Answer: C
Given a one-dimensional array named aCart, how is an element of an array populated with a structure? (Choose two)
A. <cfset aCart=StructNew()>
B. <cfset StructNew(aCart, 1)>
C. <cfset aCart[1]=StructNew()>
D. <cfset ArrayNew(aCart, StructNew())>
E. <cfset ArrayAppend(aCart, StructNew())>
Correct Answer: CE
What is the output of the code?

<cfset tree=”oak”>
<cfswitch expression=”tree”>
<cfcase value=”oak”>
This is an Oak tree!

<cfcase value=”maple”> This is a Maple tree! </cfcase> <cfdefaultcase> Unknown tree type! </cfdefaultcase> </cfswitch>
A. An error will occur.
B. The text “This is an Oak tree!” will be displayed.
C. The text “Unknown tree type!” will be displayed.
D. The text “This is a Maple tree!” will be displayed.

Correct Answer: C
Where is the cflogin structure available?
A. inside <cflogin> tags
B. inside <cfloginuser> tags
C. cflogin structure is available anywhere
D. cflogin structure does not exist in ColdFusion

Correct Answer: A
How is a CFML custom tag created in ColdFusion?
A. Create a ColdFusion page and save it with a CF_ prefix.
B. Register the custom tag in the ColdFusion Administrator.
C. Create a ColdFusion page and save it with a .cfm extension.
D. Use the CustomTag Wizard in ColdFusion MX to create the tag.

Correct Answer: C
What scope will contain the variables for this form submission?

<form action=”action.cfm”>
<input type=”text” name=”test”>
<input type=”submit”>

A. url variable
B. form variable
C. CGI variable
D. client variable
Correct Answer: A
What log file logs each time the ColdFusion MX service is stopped and started?
A. mail log
B. server log
C. exception log
D. application log

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 37
What syntax is used to create a two dimensional array? (Choose two)
A. <cfset aArray = NewArray(2)>
B. <cfset aArray = ArrayNew(2)>
C. <cfset aArray = NewArray(1)> <cfset aArray[1] = NewArray(1)>
D. <cfset aArray = ArrayNew(1)> <cfset aArray[1] = ArrayNew(1)>

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 38
What is the proper syntax for looping over a collection called stStruct?
A. <cfloop query = “#ststruct#” >
B. <cfloop collection = “#ststruct#” item = “loopcount”>
C. <cfloop collection = “#ststruct#” index = “loopcount”>
D. <cfloop index = “#loopCount#” from = “1” to = “#structlen(stStruct)#”>

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 39
How is the value “Pedro” outputted? (Choose two)
<cfset employees = StructNew()> <cfset employees[“Person”] = “Pedro”> <cfset test = employees>
<cfset StructInsert(test, “Pet”, “Rocky”)>
A. <cfoutput>#test[key]#</cfoutput>
B. <cfoutput>#test[Person]#</cfoutput>
C. <cfoutput>#test[“Person”]#</cfoutput>
D. <cfoutput>#employees[1]#</cfoutput>
E. <cfoutput>#employees.person#</cfoutput>

Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 40
What ColdFusion tag generates JavaScript that requires input in a form field?
A. <cfinput>
B. <cfscript>
C. <cfoutput>
D. <cffunction>

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 41
What type of error can be thrown using <cfthrow>?
A. lock
B. database
C. application
D. expression

Correct Answer: C
What looping statements are valid in ColdFusion? (Choose two)
A. <cfloop collection=”#ststructure#” key=”key”> ? </cfloop>
B. <cfloop from=”1″ to=”3000″ index=”i”> ? </cfloop>
C. <cfloop array=”#aarray#” index=”i”> ? </cfloop>
D. <cfloop query=”qquery”> ? </cfloop>
E. <cfloop expression=qQuery.currentRow LTE 10> ? </cfloop>

Correct Answer: BD
What tag is used to catch user input errors in a form?
A. <cferror>
B. <cfcatch>
C. <cfthrow>
D. <cfmodule>

Correct Answer: A
What value in the access attribute of a ColdFusion component method restricts access such that only components in the same directory can invoke the method?
A. public
B. remote
C. package
D. directory
Correct Answer: C
Consider the custom tag call.
<cf_age fname=”Douglas” lname=”Adams” returnage=”theAge”>
The age variable is named AgeVar within the custom tag code. How is its value returned to the calling page as the local variable, theAge?
A. <cfset theAge=AgeVar>
B. <cfset theAge=Evaluate(AgeVar)>
C. <cfset “caller.#attributes.returnage#”=AgeVar>
D. <cfset temp=ReturnToCaller(theAge, AgeVar)>
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 46
What statement adds to an array? (Choose two)
A. <cfset ArrayAppend( aArray, “New Value”)>
B. <cfset AppendArray( aArray, “New Value”)>
C. <cfset ArrayPrepend(aArray,1,New Value)>
D. <cfset ArrayInsertAt(aArray,arrayLen(aArray),New Value)>
E. <cfset ArrayInsert(aArray,12,New Value, allowoverwrite)>

Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 47
To publish a function as a Web service from a ColdFusion component, modify the <cffunction> tag by setting the access attribute equal to
A. private.
B. remote.
C. public.
D. service.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 48
What is added to publish a Web service?
A. webservice=”true” attribute to the <cffunction>
B. access=”remote” attribute to the <cffunction> tag
C. webservice=”true” attribute to the <cfcomponent> tag
D. access=”remote” attribute to the <cfcomponent> tag

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 49
In which order do the exception handling strategies listed provide increasingly more control over the application and code?
A. cferror ; cftry ; Site-Wide Error Template
B. Site-Wide Error Template ; cferror ; cftry
C. cftry ; Site-Wide Error Template ; cferror
D. Site-Wide Error Template ; cftry ; cferror

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 50
Given the missing FROM clause in the query, what message would be displayed?
<cfquery name=”qStates” datasource=”Employees”>
WHERE States
<cfcatch type=”any”>

There was a general error!

<cfcatch type=”database”>

There was database error!

<cfcatch type=”expression”>
There was an expression error!


A. There was a general error!
B. There was a database error!
C. There was an expression error!
D. No error would be displayed

Correct Answer: A
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