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How are case-sensitive links checked in Dreamweaver?
A. Dreamweaver automatically detects case-sensitive links
B. from the Link Checker tab within the Results panel, choose Settings > Case-Sensitive Links
C. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and check Case-Sensitive Links in the Local Info category
D. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and choose UNIX from the Server Type drop down menu in the Remote Info category

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 86
What does the regular expression \w allow a user to match when a pattern search is executed?
A. the preceding character 0 or more times
B. any word that appears more then 10 times in the document
C. at least n, and at most m, occurrences of the preceding character
D. any alphanumeric character, including underscore; equivalent to [A-Za-z0-9_]

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 87
What warning will be displayed when performing a Find and Replace operation on an entire site of files?
A. This operation cannot be undone in documents that are not currently open.
B. Replace operation cannot be performed on files that are not currently open.
C. Find and Replace will only work on unopened files with an .html or .htm extension.
D. Replacing text in an unopened file may cause certain extensions to no longer function correctly.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 88
What activities can be performed while getting and putting files using background file transfers? (Choose TWO)
A. preview in live data view
B. generate site-wide reports
C. delete remote files or folders
D. edit external cascading style sheets
E. preview in Browser on a testing server

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 89
As shown in the exhibit, what does adding the Summary attribute to a table cause?

A. client-side cookie
B. saving to the user’s bookmarks or favorites list
C. summary information appears in the top cell so that viewers understand the table contentC.summary information appears in the top cell so that viewers understand the table content
D. available information to non-visual browsers such as text to speech converters for the visually impaired

Correct Answer: D
What is a feature of cloaking?
A. makes files and folders invisible on the server
B. allow users to make files hidden from site viewers
C. prevents file types and folders from being uploaded
D. prevents unauthorized persons from viewing certain site files
Correct Answer: C
What edits will make this HTML table correct?

A. Move line #9 below line #12
B. Set the Table Width to “100”
C. Remove the Table Data width from line #12
D. Set the Table Data width in lines #8, #9, and #12 to “50”

Correct Answer: A
What are the most useful tips when using FTP without being able to access the remote site? (Choose TWO)
A. Enable passive FTP
B. Use Site > Synchronize
C. Check permissions on the server
D. Uninstall and reinstall Dreamweaver
E. Enable Edit > Preferences > Sites > Compress files before putting

Correct Answer: AC
What does Dreamweaver do by default when dependent files are included while transferring files?
A. prompts you for every file
B. checks whether files are newer on remote site
C. transfers any embedded graphic file or included file
D. transfers any included file, but does not create sub-folders
Correct Answer: C
What happens when the dialog box asking to upload the dependent files of a web page is ignored?
A. upload will be cancelled after 60 seconds
B. only the web page is uploaded within 60 seconds
C. web page and dependent files will be uploaded within 60 seconds
D. prompts for each of the dependent files of the page after 60 seconds
E. upload will not take effect until whether to upload dependent files or not is selected
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 95
What is true about image maps? (Choose TWO)
A. cannot use an image map in a frameset
B. can only have one image map on a single page
C. cannot have more than 5 links within an image map
D. can create image maps on both .gif and .jpg images
E. can create alternate text for each link within an image map

Correct Answer: DE
What is a feature of the coding toolbar?
A. create unordered list from selected code
B. apply comment button can only insert HTML comment
C. ability to undock and move toolbar and customize button
D. if nested comments, remove comment button only removes outer comment tag

Correct Answer: D
What tag and attribute is NOT used to create the following table structure?

A. <td colspan=”3″>
B. <td colspan=”2″>
C. <td rowspan=”3″>
D. <td rowspan=”2″>

Correct Answer: C
How can the same background color be added to several nonadjacent cells in a table?
A. Hold the Ctrl key (CMD-click Mac) down and click in each cell to select. Then set the background color in the Property inspector.
B. Choose Edit > Table > Select Nonadjacent from the menu, click in each of the cells to edit, and set the background color in the Property inspector.
C. Select the table and open the Table panel. In the Table panel, choose the cells to edit and select the desired color from the Background Color menu.
D. Right-click (CTRL-click Mac) on the table and choose Table > Edit Cells from the context menu. When the Table inspector opens, select the cells to edit and choose the background color from the Color panel.

Correct Answer: A
Given the site pictured here, what is the document-relative link from the tips.html page to the catalog.html page?

A. products/catalog.html
B. /products/catalog.html
C. ../products/catalog.html
D. ../../products/catalog.html

Correct Answer: D
Where can Dreamweaver Design Notes be turned off if they will NOT be used in a web site?
A. delete the _notes directory in the site
B. Design Notes category in the Site Definition
C. Design Notes button on the Document toolbar
D. Design Notes command under the Modify menu

Correct Answer: B
What functionality does the Coding Toolbar provide in Code View? (Choose TWO)
A. Code Collapse
B. Code Hint Tools
C. Balance Braces
D. Inserting Functions
E. Create New Snippet
Correct Answer: AC
What is a valid JavaScript variable assignment?
A. x = 5
B. x >= 5
C. x == y
D. x = John Doe
Correct Answer: A
What will test to see if the values of x and y are the same in JavaScript?
A. if (x = y) B. IF (x = y)
C. if (x == y)
D. if (x EQ y)

Correct Answer: C
How can changes to a template be applied to all attached pages?
A. File > Save as Template
B. Modify > Templates > Update Pages
C. Modify > Templates > Apply Template to Pages
D. Right-click (CTRL-click Mac) in an editable region and choose Template > Update Editable Regions

Correct Answer: B
How are guides created in Dreamweaver?
A. dragged from ruler
B. added by viewing grid
C. drawn with the line tool
D. automatically drawn along slice

Correct Answer: A
The current site requires an asset that is located in another site. What is the most efficient way to access and use that asset?
A. The user is not able to use an asset from one site in another site.
B. Locate the asset and copy it from the other site. Paste the asset into the desired page of the current site.
C. Open the other site containing the needed asset and from its Assets panel, drag the asset onto the open page in the present site.
D. Locate the asset in the other site, right-click (CTRL-click Mac) the asset, choose Copy to Site, then select the new site and click OK.

Correct Answer: D

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Adobe 9A0-803 Dumps PDF, Provide New Adobe 9A0-803 Question Description For Download