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In a Management High Availability (HA) configuration, you can configure synchronization to occur automatically, when:
The Security Policy is installed

The Security Policy is saved

The Security Administrator logs in to the Secondary SmartCenter server and changes its status to active

A scheduled event occurs

The user database is installed
Select the BEST response for the synchronization sequence: Choose ONE:

A. 1,2,4
B. 1,2,5
C. 1,3,4
D. 1,2,4

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 130
When configuring Port Scanning, Which level of sensitivity detects more than 100 inactive ports are tried for a period of 30 seconds?
A. Low
B. High
C. None. Such a level does not exist
D. Medium

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 131
What rules send log information to when Strom Center is configured?
A. Determined by the “DShield Strom Center Logging” setting in “Logs and Masters” of the SmartCenter Server object: rules with tracking set to log or none
B. Determined by how web intelligence > Information Disclosure is configured: rules with tracking set to User Defined Alerts or SNMP trap
C. Determined by the Global properties configuration: Logs defined in the Log and Alerts section, rules with tracking set to Account or SNMP trap
D. Determined in SmartDefense > Network Security > DShield Storm Center configuration: SmartCenter sends logs from rules with tracking set to either “Alert” or one of the specific “User Defined Alerts”

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 132
Your bank’s distributed VPN-1 NGX R65 installation has Security Gateways up for renewal. Which SmartConsole application will tell you which security gateways have licenses that will expire within the next 30 days?
A. SmartDashboard
B. SmartUpdate
C. SmartView Tracker
D. SmartPoartal

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 133
Your Organization has many VPN-1 Edge Gateways at various branch offices to allow users to access company resources. For security reasons, your organization’s Security Policy requires all Internet traffic initiated behind the VPN-1 Edge Gateways first be inspected by your headquarter’s VPN-1 Pro Security Gateway. How do you configure VPN routing in this star VPN Community?
A. To the center and other satellites, through the center
B. To the center only
C. To the Internet and other targets only
D. To the center or through the center to other satellites then to the Internet and other VPN tagets

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 134
How do you verify a VPN tunnel interface (VTI) is configured properly?
A. vpn shell display <VTI name > detailed
B. vpn shell show interface detailed <VTI name>
C. vpn shell show <VTI name> detailed
D. vpn shell display interface detailed <VTI name>

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 135
The customer has a small Check Point installation which includes one Window XP workstation working as SmartConsole, one Solaris server working as SmartCenter and a third server running SecurePlatform working as Security Gateway. This is an example of:
A. Distributed Installation
B. Hybrid Installation
C. Unsupported configuration
D. Stand-alone installation

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 136
What port is used for communication to the User Center with SmartUpdate?
D. TCP 8080

Correct Answer: C
You are working in a large hospital, together with three other Security Administrators. How do you use SmartConsole to check changes to rules or object properties other administrators made?
A. SmartView Monitor
B. SmartView Tracker
C. Eventia Monitor
D. Eventia Tracker

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following would NOT be a reason for beginning with a fresh installation of VPN-1 NGX R65, instead of upgrading a previous version to VPN-1 NGX R65?
A. Objects and rule’s naming conventions have changed over time
B. Your Security Policy includes rules and objects whose purpose you do not know
C. You see a more logical way to organize your rules and objects
D. You want to keep your Check Point configuration

Correct Answer: D
You have a High Availability ClusterXL configuration. Machines are not synchronized. What happens to connections on failover?
A. Old connections are lost but can be reestablished
B. It is not possible to configure High Availability that is not synchronized
C. Old connections are lost and but are automatically recovered whenever the failed machine recovers
D. Connections cannot be established until cluster members are fully synchronized

Correct Answer: A
Which Smartview Tracker mode allows you to read the SMTP email body sent from the Chief Executive Officier (CEO)?
A. This is not a SmartView Tracker Feature
B. Display Capture Action
C. Account Query
D. Log Tab
Correct Answer: B
SmartCenter Server
A. Prompts you to enter a filename, then saves the log file
B. Saves the current log file names the log file by data and time and starts a new log file
C. Purges the current log file and starts a new log file
D. Purges the current log and prompts you for the new log’s mode

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 142
If you are experiencing LDAP issues, which of the following should you check?
A. Overlapping VPN Domains
B. Connectivity between the NGX gateway and LDAP server
C. Secure Internal Communications (SIC)
D. VPN Load Balancing

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 143
How do you define a service object for a TCP port range?
A. Manage Services, New Group, Provide Name and Add all service ports for range individually to the group object
B. Manage Services, New TCP, Provide name and define Port: X-Y
C. Manage Services, New Other, Provide Name and define Protocol: 17,Range: X-Y
D. Manage Services, New Other Provide name and define Protocol: X-Y

Correct Answer: B

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CheckPoint 156-915 Study Material, Provides CheckPoint 156-915 Certification Material Is Your Best Choice