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Adobe 9A0-803 Practice Exam, Sale Adobe 9A0-803 Actual Questions With Accurate Answers

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Why might a library item NOT function correctly if the Copy to Site feature in the Assets panel is used to copy the library item to a new site? (Choose TWO)
A. Template pages cannot be updated using library items.
B. The library item contains links to images that have not been copied to the new site.
C. <body> tag of the library item might conflict with the properties already set for the page.
D. Linked pages defined in the library item may not be valid in the new site.
E. Must first select the Modify > Library > Update command to update the current site with the new library item.

Correct Answer: BD
Why will a <div> styled with “position:relative” NOT appear in the “Layers Panel” in Dreamweaver?
A. position:relative is not a permitted style
B. <div> style cannot be used this way
C. as a block tag, a <div> cannot be affected by position:relative styles
D. Dreamweaver only regards elements styled with position:absolute as “layers”

Correct Answer: D
What code is added to a web page when Set Color Scheme is invoked from the Commands menu?
A. a { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; color: #07387A; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { color: #990000; }
B. <script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/JavaScript”>
C. <link href=”styles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>
D. <body bgcolor=”#FF9900″ text=”#333333″ link=”#FFFF00″ vlink=”#FFCC66″ alink=”#666600″>

Correct Answer: D
What is the correct order of the CSS box properties surrounding a Content area from internal to external?

Correct Answer:
How can the same background color be added to several nonadjacent cells in a table?
A. Choose Edit > Table > Select Nonadjacent from the menu, click in each of the cells to edit, and set the background color in the Property inspector.
B. Select the table and open the Table panel. In the Table panel, choose the cells to edit and select the desired color from the Background Color menu.
C. Right-click (CTRL-click Mac) on the table and choose Table > Edit Cells from the context menu. When the Table inspector opens, select the cells to edit and choose the background color from the Color panel.
D. Hold the Ctrl key (CMD-click Mac) down and click in each cell to select. Then set the background color in the Property inspector.
Correct Answer: D
What computer languages are used most to write Dreamweaver extensions?
A. HTML and JavaScript
C. C and XML
D. C and JavaScript
Correct Answer: A
When creating an image map, where does Dreamweaver put the image map code by default?
A. in the JavaScript code
B. between the <head> and </head> tags
C. between <body> and </body> tags
D. inside a <meta> tag

Correct Answer: C
What is an example of a site root relative path?
A. ../resources/books.html
B. file:///Macintosh HD/resources/books.html
C. resources/books.html
D. /resources/books.html

Correct Answer: D
How are guides created in Dreamweaver?
A. automatically drawn along slice
B. dragged from ruler
C. added by viewing grid
D. drawn with the line tool

Correct Answer: B
What functions use the site cache to speed up access to updated site information? (Choose TWO)
A. displaying the Site Map
B. managing links to external sites
C. managing links to documents within the site
D. verifying connections to ODBC data sources
E. managing the Check-In/Check-Out system
Correct Answer: AC
How are case-sensitive links checked in Dreamweaver?
A. Dreamweaver automatically detects case-sensitive links
B. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and check Case-Sensitive Links in the Local Info category
C. from the Link Checker tab within the Results panel, choose Settings > Case-Sensitive Links
D. when viewing the site definition for the site, go to the Advanced Tab and choose UNIX from the Server Type drop down menu in the Remote Info category
Correct Answer: B
As shown in the exhibit, what does adding the Summary attribute to a table cause? Exhibit: A. available information to non-visual browsers such as text to speech converters for the visually impaired

B. saving to the user’s bookmarks or favorites list
C. client-side cookie
D. summary information appears in the top cell so that viewers understand the table contentC.summary information appears in the top cell so that viewers understand the table content

Correct Answer: A
Tag libraries allow a user to import tags from what type of file?
A. .xml
B. .cfm
C. .php
D. .txt

Correct Answer: A
A Microsoft Word 2003 document contains headings and body text formatted with these default styles: Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and Normal; as well as individual words and phrases formatted as bold or italic. In order to preserve this formatting in HTML when pasted into Dreamweaver, what option should be selected in the Copy/Paste category of the Preferences dialog?
A. Text Only
B. Text with Structure Plus Basic Formatting
C. Text with Structure
D. Text with Structure Plus Full Formatting

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 115
What CSS positioning property value is used to position layers when using the Draw Layer tool or choosing Insert > Layer?
A. fixed
B. relative
C. static
D. absolute

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 116
What must separate each item in a list of terms and definitions before applying a Definition List?
A. paragraph break
B. line break
C. tab delimiter
D. indent

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 117
What is the order of precedence (highest to lowest), when using all three types of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) styles in a document?
A. embedded, inline, linked
B. linked, inline, embedded
C. linked, embedded, inline
D. inline, embedded, linked

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 118
What are the four types of template objects?
A. repeating, editable, editable tag attribute, custom
B. optional, custom, editable, repeating
C. editable tag attribute, optional, repeating, editable
D. editable parameter, editable tag attribute, editable, repeating

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 119
What activities can be performed while getting and putting files using background file transfers? (Choose TWO)
A. edit external cascading style sheets
B. generate site-wide reports
C. delete remote files or folders
D. preview in live data view
E. preview in Browser on a testing server

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 120
Which Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) properties are used to specify the horizontal and vertical position of an element in relation to its parent element?
A. Top, Right
B. Width, Top
C. Top, Left
D. Height, Width

Correct Answer: C
What is NOT a function that the tag selector can perform?
A. editing
B. selecting
C. removing
D. duplicating

Correct Answer: D
What is done to make an existing HTML document XHTML compliant?
A. Use the File > Convert > XHTML command.
B. Choose Edit > Preferences and select the Code Format category and check the “Make Document XHTML Compliant” checkbox.
C. Use the Modify > Convert > XHTML command.
D. Check an XHTML option from the Document Type (DTD) popup menu in the New Document dialog.

Correct Answer: A
Where can a list of favorite links be saved?
A. Assets panel
B. Site Definition
C. Links panel
D. Site Cache
Correct Answer: A
What option is NOT available in the images category of the Assets panel?
A. Set alt text for image
B. Copy image to another site
C. Edit image
D. Insert image on page
E. Add image to favorites
Correct Answer: A
What is the purpose of the Window Size feature?
A. resizes a monitors screen area to a fixed size
B. adjusts the content of a document to a fixed size
C. resizes document window to view page for different monitor sizes
D. controls the size of the browser window on the visitor’s machine

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 126
When creating a new site that is similar to another site already managed by Dreamweaver, what feature of site management allows ease of making a copy of the original site?
A. Clone
B. Copy to New Site
C. Export
D. Duplicate

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 127
When the Preload rollover image check box is checked (as shown above), the Preload Images behavior is
added to which tag?
A. <img>
B. <a>
C. <head>
D. <body>

Correct Answer: D
The current site requires an asset that is located in another site. What is the most efficient way to access and use that asset?
A. Open the other site containing the needed asset and from its Assets panel, drag the asset onto the open page in the present site.
B. Locate the asset in the other site, right-click (CTRL-click Mac) the asset, choose Copy to Site, then select the new site and click OK.
C. The user is not able to use an asset from one site in another site.
D. Locate the asset and copy it from the other site. Paste the asset into the desired page of the current site.

Correct Answer: B
Given the following code, what occurs in a browser that supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? <html>
<title>Shelob’s Lair</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″> <link href=”A.css”
rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”> <link href=”B.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”> </head>

A. conflicting styles in B.css overrides those in A.css
B. A.css overrides B.css
C. conflicting styles in A.css overrides those in B.css
D. B.css completely overrides A.css

Correct Answer: A
What is a property of an Image Placeholder?
A. visibility
B. z-index
C. name
D. location

Correct Answer: C
What area, in the Insert bar, is intended for customizing and organizing frequently used objects?
A. Favorites
B. Common
C. Application
D. Layout

Correct Answer: A
What can the <head> section of a document contain? (Choose TWO)
A. <meta> tags
B. <body> tag
C. version of HTML used
D. style sheets
E. everything that displays in a browser

Correct Answer: AD
A Flash source file (FLA) needs to be transferred to the web server, but it is being ignored when the site is synchronized. What is the best explanation?
A. the user needs the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player
B. FLA needs to be set as a MIME type on the web server
C. FLA files need the flash authoring software installed
D. directory permissions need changing on the web server
E. FLA files are cloaked in Dreamweaver
Correct Answer: E
What can Dreamweaver do when synchronizing files?
A. delete a few FrontPage extensions remotely
B. optionally delete remote files not present locally
C. optionally delete local files not present remotely
D. optionally delete orphaned files locally
Correct Answer: B

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Adobe 9A0-803 Practice Exam, Sale Adobe 9A0-803 Actual Questions With Accurate Answers