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The current site requires an asset that is located in another site. What is the most efficient way to access and use that asset?
A. The user is not able to use an asset from one site in another site.
B. Locate the asset and copy it from the other site. Paste the asset into the desired page of the current site.
C. Open the other site containing the needed asset and from its Assets panel, drag the asset onto the open page in the present site.
D. Locate the asset in the other site, right-click (CTRL-click Mac) the asset, choose Copy to Site, then select the new site and click OK.

Correct Answer: D
When Dreamweaver form validation behavior is attached to a specific form element other than the Submit button, when will the behavior be triggered by default?
A. when the form is reset
B. when the form is submitted
C. when the user selects the form control to which the behavior is attached
D. when the user de-selects the form control to which the behavior is attached

Correct Answer: D
What features enable source management and communications tracking within a collaborative development environment? (Choose TWO)
A. Snippets
B. Libraries
C. File panel
D. Design notes
E. Check-In/Check-Out

Correct Answer: DE
What happens when a template with three editable regions is applied to an existing page without an attached template?
A. prompts to update the template
B. content of the page is placed within the largest editable region
C. prompts to assign the document body to one of the editable regions
D. prompts what region to unlock and then places the content in that region

Correct Answer: C
What feature enables a developer to use a web page layout that was created in a graphic application as a blueprint for the actual web page development in Dreamweaver?
A. Grid
B. Guide Layer
C. Tracing Image
D. Image Placeholder

Correct Answer: C
A page has an external style sheet attached that defines the H3 tag as Arial, 14 point, and the color red. The page also has an internal style that defines the H3 tag to use Verdana, 12 point with no color change. How does H3 text appear on the page?
A. Arial, 14 point, red
B. Arial, 12 point, black
C. Verdana, 12 point, red
D. Verdana, 12 point, black

Correct Answer: C
What built-in feature allows the web developer to isolate a business address into a single unit that can later be easily edited and automatically updated on every page?
A. Template
B. Placeholder
C. Library Item
D. Tracing Image
Correct Answer: C
What is the correct workflow for XSL transformation in Dreamweaver?
A. Create RSS > Generate dynamic page > Output XSL as XML
B. Create RSS from dynamic page > Generate XSL > Output XML as web page
C. Create XML > Create XSL file using XML > Use XSL transformation in dynamic web page
D. Create XML > Include XML into dynamic page > Server transforms XSL to RSS for viewing

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 114
How can a custom style be removed from a linked external style sheet?
A. Delete it in the CSS panel.
B. Detach the style sheet that contains the style.
C. Select the paragraph text and choose No Style from the CSS Styles panel.
D. Create a new tag-based style for the same tag and overwrite the existing one.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 115
What is an advantage of using the POST method rather than the GET method for an HTML form?
A. POST method is more efficient.
B. Form data is not exposed to the user.
C. No validation of form data is possible with the GET method.
D. Only PERL scripts can work with the GET method to process forms data.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 116
What is the purpose of placing an image at the end of an HTML document and setting height and width attributes to a value of 1?
A. Cache the image.
B. Define table borders.
C. Create an image map.
D. Create a thumbnail image.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 117
In CSS, what is used as a prefix for ID Selectors?
A. %
B. ,
C. #
D. $

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 118
What must separate each item in a list of terms and definitions before applying a Definition List?
A. indent
B. line break
C. tab delimiter
D. paragraph break

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 119
When setting the action of an HTML form to use the mailto command and sending the form data to an email address, what Enctype setting is necessary to present this data in a readable format in the body of the email?
A. text
B. plain
C. text/plain
D. “multipart/form-data

Correct Answer: C
How is Dreamweaver configured to add multiple consecutive spaces within the output of a web page using the Spacebar?
A. It is not possible to add multiple consecutive spaces using the Spacebar.
B. Select the HTML Tab > Character pull down menu > Non Breaking Space.
C. Open the site definition window and select Allow multiple spaces from the Design Notes category.
D. Select Preferences > General category. Check the box labeled Allow multiple consecutive spaces.

Correct Answer: D
From which Insert bar tabs can a table be inserted? (Choose TWO)
A. Text
C. Layout
D. Forms
E. Common

Correct Answer: CE
What change will make this style’s .CSS file correct?

A. Remove the <style> and </style> tags.
B. Change “font-family” to “font” on Line #5
C. Change “text-align” to “text-position” on Line #7
D. Change the <style> tag to <jscript> and </style> to </jscript>.

Correct Answer: A
While working in Design view in Dreamweaver, two vertical guides are dragged onto the page. How is the exact distance between the two guides determined?
A. Choose View > Guides > Show Distance
B. Place your mouse pointer between both guides, right-click, and choose Show Distance
C. Shift + Click both guides to select them both and the distance will automatically be shown
D. Place your mouse pointer between both guides and press the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Macintosh)

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 124
What Visual Aid displays the margin, border, and padding of CSS elements?
A. Layer Outline
B. CSS Layout Outlines
C. CSS Layout Box Mode
D. CSS Background Layout Background

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 125
Given the following code, what occurs in a browser that supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?
<title>Shelob’s Lair</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″>
<link href=”A.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>
<link href=”B.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

A. A.css overrides B.css
B. B.css completely overrides A.css
C. conflicting styles in B.css overrides those in A.css
D. conflicting styles in A.css overrides those in B.css

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 126
While in Design view, what methods may be used to attach a hyperlink to highlighted text? (Choose TWO)
A. Modify > Text > Hyperlink
B. Code > HTML > Hyperlink
C. Property inspector > Point to File
D. Property inspector > Browse for File
E. Property inspector > Create Hyperlink

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 127
An image is inserted in a page from a folder outside of the current site using the Image command. What option is set to automatically copy that image to a folder in the site without generating a warning message?
A. Select the image in the Files panel and then click Put Files.
B. Define the default images folder in the Site Definition dialog box.
C. Use General category of the Preferences dialog box and deselect the option to show a dialog when inserting objects.
D. Right-click (CTRL-click Mac) on the image in the Files panel and then choose Insert image without dialog from the context menu.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 128
What does the following statement do? if(!myFlag)(x=y;)
A. sets x=y if myFlag exists
B. sets x=y if myFlag is true or 1
C. sets x=y if myFlag is false or 0
D. sets x=y if myFlag is equal to x

Correct Answer: C
What actions can be performed when multiple, NON-consecutive, cells are selected? (Choose TWO)
A. Split cells
B. Delete row
C. Merge cells
D. Adjust font face
E. Adjust background color

Correct Answer: DE
When the Preload rollover image check box is checked (as shown above), the Preload Images behavior is added to which tag?

A. <a>
B. <img>
C. <body>
D. <head>
Correct Answer: C

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