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Which THREE of the following are valid CRT safety rules? SELECT THREE
A. Touch the computer’s metal chassis.
B. Wear a grounded ESD wrist strap.
C. Connect the AC power cord.
D. Remove any metal jewelry.
E. Wear safety goggles.
F. Don’t work alone.

Correct Answer: DEF QUESTION 53
When discharging a CRT, what part do you touch with the tip of the discharge tool?
A. anode aperture
B. high voltage cable
C. Flyback transformer
D. yoke connector/cable
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 54
What precautions should be taken if a discharged CRT must remain exposed for any length of time?
A. You should reset the Power Manager Unit on the logic board.
B. You should perform a full set of video adjustments on the CRT.
C. You should remove the CRT from the computer or display assembly.
D. You should establish an ongoing connection between the CRT anode and ground.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 55
Why do you need to take precautions when disposing of CRT displays? SELECT TWO
A. CRT displays contain toxic gases.
B. CRT displays present a fire hazard.
C. CRT displays can implode if mishandled.
D. CRT displays present a radiation hazard.
E. CRT displays contain hazardous materials.
Correct Answer: CE QUESTION 56
Which of the following is a valid precaution you should take while working inside an iMac (24 inch Late 2006) system that is plugged into AC power but has not yet been powered on?
A. Do not turn the unit upside-down.
B. Avoid putting your fingers near the fans.
C. Make sure you are NOT wearing a grounded ESD wrist strap.
D. Do not touch the processor heat sink because it could burn your fingers.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 57
Which of the following is a valid precaution you should take when replacing a processor in a Mac Pro (8x)?
A. Avoid touching the silver coating on the underside of the heat sink and the top of the processor.
B. Leave the heat sinks removed for at least thirty minutes before replacing the processor.
C. Remove both heat sinks before replacing either processor.
D. Avoid touching the cables near the processor.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 58
When removing or replacing the heat sink or processor on the Mac Pro (8x), what is the maximum acceptable amount of time for the heat sink to be separated from the processor?
A. Five (5) minutes
B. Fifteen (15) minutes
C. Thirty (30) minutes
D. Sixty (60) minutes
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 59
The liquid cooling system inside a Power Mac G5 (Quad Late 2005) has failed, causing a coolant leak while the computer is on. According to Apple references, what should you do FIRST?
A. Use a patch kit to re-seal the leak.
B. Unplug the computer immediately.
C. Drain and refill the liquid cooling system.
D. Put the computer to sleep until the liquid dries.
E. Let the computer run overnight to evaporate any spilled liquid.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 60
Which of the following safety issues applies to the iMac (Mid 2007)?
A. Liquid coolant spillage
B. Thermal grease toxicity
C. High voltage CRT discharge
D. Fragile glass panel breakage
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 61
Which of the following most accurately describes what happens during Safe Sleep activation in Mac portables?
A. The contents of RAM are written to NVRAM before sleep.
B. The contents of the hard disk are encrypted before sleep.
C. The contents of RAM are written to hard disk before sleep.
D. The contents of the hard disk are read into RAM before sleep.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 62
Which of the following is NOT a valid power saving technique in recent Macintosh computers?
A. Activate automatic display sleep.
B. Activate automatic hard disk sleep.
C. Use wireless networks instead of wired networks.
D. Set up locations optimized for different environments.
E. Quit all the communications applications that may use the modem.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 63
What is the proper way to calibrate the main battery in a MacBook?
A. Charge the battery while running the Battery Calibration Utility.
B. The battery is calibrated out of the box; no further steps are needed.
C. Charge the battery overnight. Make sure battery status indicates 100% before disconnecting AC adapter.
D. Charge the battery fully. Wait 2 hours. Run the MacBook on battery until it goes to sleep. Wait 5 hours. Charge it fully again.
E. Charge the battery halfway. Wait 2 hours. Finish charging the battery. Run the MacBook on battery until it goes to sleep. Charge it fully again.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 64
A power adapter originally supplied with a MacBook can charge a MacBook Pro’s main battery while it is powered on.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 65

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