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Your customer runs her small business on an iMac with OS X Lion. She would like to keep her data secure with FileVault 2, but is worried that she will have to share her admin password with the rest of the staff. How should you address this concern?
A. The customer should enable the Automatic login feature in the User & Group preferences.
B. This is a limitation of FileVault 2. The customer will have to share her password to use the feature.
C. Ask the customer to disable FileVault 2 when others wish to use the computer, then re-enable it when they are done.
D. The customer can create other admin users, then give them the ability to unlock the disk in the Security & Privacy preferences.

Correct Answer: D
An administrator user wishes to share a Desktop picture with all local users. Where should they store the image file?
A. /Library/Desktop Pictures
B. /System/Desktop Pictures
C. ~/Library/Desktop Pictures
D. /System/Library/Desktop Pictures

Correct Answer: A
A user drops a file into a folder named “my stuff” and sees this message: “You can put items into “my stuff,” but you won’t be able to see them. Do you want to continue? Other users with sufficient permissions will be able to use the items.” This means the folder’s permissions have been set to ________.
A. Read only
B. Write only
C. Read & Write
D. Execute only

Correct Answer: B
If a customer needs to change the permissions of a file to read-only for all users, what is the recommended method?
A. Use the Terminal to adjust file permissions with command line tools.
B. Use Repair Disk Permissions in the Disk Utility to adjust the file’s permissions.
C. Use the Sharing & Permissions pop-up menu in the file’s Get Info window to choose read only for all users.
D. Place the file into a folder, then change folder permissions to read only using the Sharing & Permissions pop-up menu in the folder’s Get Infowindow.

Correct Answer: C
An administrator would like to prevent data recovery software from retrieving any files from a deleted user. Which option is the best choice?
A. Turn on FileVault 2, wait for encryption to finish, then delete the user.
B. Save the deleted user in a disk image, then use the Terminal to secure delete the image.
C. Delete the user using thedelete the home folderwith the erase home folder securely option enabled.
D. Delete the user using the on change the home folderoption, then drag the folder to the trash and choose secure empty trash in theFinder.

Correct Answer: C
You would like to give a friend temporary access to your Mac so that they can check their online banking website. What is the easiest way for you to share your Mac and protect your privacy?
A. Log in to a Sharing Only user.
B. Enable a Managed User account, and limit access to just Safari.
C. Create a Standard User account, then delete it when your friend is done.
D. Open Users and Groups preferences, select Guest Account, then selectallow guests to log in to this computer.?

Correct Answer: D
A customer finds that she cannot access the Downloads folder in her home directory. The Finder displays the message:
“The folder downloads can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.”
How can the user quickly and easily correct these permissions issues with her personal data?
A. Open the Disk Utility and run repair disk permissions.
B. Erase their hard drive and restore from a Time Machine backup.
C. Open the Terminal and use command line tools to correct the permissions.
D. Select the Downloads folder in the Finder, then choose Get Info in the file menu. The folder permission can then be changed back to Read &Write in the Sharing & Permissions section.

Correct Answer: D

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