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NetBoot Filters in Mac OS X Server can ________.
A. deny NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
B. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
C. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their host name
D. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their hardware address

Correct Answer: D
When you configure NFS export settings for a share point, selecting “Map All users to nobody” ________.
A. prevents export of any items or contents to any users
B. creates the group, nobody, that is used for NFS access
C. tells the NFS server to treat every user the same: as nobody
D. tells the NFS server to identify all users by their client settings

Correct Answer: C
A folder is set up using Deny type Access Control Lists (ACLs). Which rule determines who can perform actions on files in that folder?
A. Only the owner or group can perform a file action.
B. Group permissions take precedence over user level permissions to perform file actions.
C. A denial at any level of user or group permissions takes precedence over any acceptance with regard to performing file actions.
D. Users have either read-only access, or no access at all, which supersedes Everyone permissions with regard to performing file actions.
Correct Answer: C
In Mac OS X Server v10.4, print quotas can be ________. (Choose TWO.)
A. configured for computer accounts in Workgroup Manager
B. configured for group accounts in Workgroup Manager
C. configured for user accounts in Workgroup Manager
D. configured to deny print services on LPR printers
E. enabled for a print queue in Server Admin
Correct Answer: CE
In the Mac OS X Server v10.4 print service, a printer pool ________.
A. is a string identifying the printer manufacturer
B. identifies the model of the printer that is shared
C. is the protocol used to access network print queues
D. is a queue that can have more than one printer assigned to it

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 50
Click the Exhibit button and examine the graphic, then answer the question below.
You have set a managed preferences Dock location for the Arts workgroup, and for a user, Sarah, as shown in the exhibit. Sarah logs in as a member of the Arts workgroup. Where on her screen does the Dock appear?

A. left side of the screen
B. right side of the screen
C. bottom of the screen (the default Dock position)
D. Sarah will be prompted to choose whether her user preferences or the Arts workgroup preferences should be used. The Dock will appear at the location of her choice.

Correct Answer: A
Which CANNOT be used as the source when creating a NetBoot boot image with System Image Utility in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. Mac OS 9.2.2 Install Disc
B. Mac OS X v10.4 Install DVD
C. PowerBook G4 with Mac OS X v10.4 installed
D. disk image created from a hard drive with Mac OS X installed

Correct Answer: A
You have chosen “Any” as the authentication method for your Apple File Server. Which authentication methods will the server try to use to authenticate a user, and in what order?
A. 1. Standard

B. 1. SSH

C. 1. Kerberos
2. Standard
D. 1. Standard
2. Kerberos
E. 1. Kerberos
2. SSH

Correct Answer: C
Which statement best describes how Network Address Translation (NAT) functions on Mac OS X Server?
A. NAT distributes IP addresses from an internal IP address range to clients.
B. NAT maps client requests to public addresses, and forwards responses to the requester.
C. NAT blocks incoming traffic on specified ports, allowing only outgoing traffic on those ports.
D. NAT maintains a list of DNS entries for all clients, and manages zone transfers with that data.

Correct Answer: B
In Mac OS X Server v10.4, the administrator is configuring the /Network default view. This view will be seen by ________.
A. all users
B. unbound DHCP users
C. users connected via VPN
D. bound, unmanaged users

Correct Answer: D
Using Workgroup Manager, you can select and configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) for ________.
A. files and folders
B. users and groups
C. folders and sharepoints
D. all items in a file system
Correct Answer: C
Which three user actions can be logged and monitored in Apple File Service? (Choose THREE.)
A. file creation
B. file deletion
C. CPU utilization
D. folder creation
E. ownership changes
F. permissions changes
Correct Answer: ABD
Which statement presents a valid reason for configuring a network user account to use crypt passwords?
A. Crypt is the most secure password type provided by Mac OS X Server v10.4.
B. The crypt password type enables the user account to authenticate via Kerberos.
C. Mac OS X Server v10.4 allows only crypt passwords to be set for network user accounts.
D. Crypt passwords provide compatibility with computers running Mac OS X v10.1 and earlier.

Correct Answer: D
You are configuring a user account in Workgroup Manager. Which password type should you choose if you want users to authenticate via a Mac OS X Server password server?
A. Crypt
B. Shadow
C. Open Directory
D. Kerberos Distribution

Correct Answer: C
Using Workgroup Manager, what two options can you configure for an AFP share point? (Choose TWO.)
A. Who can connect to the share point
B. Whether the share point contains NFS drop boxes
C. Which computer accounts can access the share point
D. Whether the share point assigned permissions will be inherited by new items
E. Whether the share point’s assigned permissions will be copied to enclosed items

Correct Answer: DE
The print service in Mac OS X Server v10.4 enforces authentication on print queues shared over SMB. This feature is ________. (Choose TWO.)
A. accessible from Windows Print Center in Mac OS X
B. identical to authentication for AppleTalk and LPR print queues
C. consistent with the print services provided by a Windows server
D. necessary for Windows users to access non-PostScript printers
E. useful for preventing unauthorized users from using a particular printer
Correct Answer: CE

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