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When designing, why would a network architect use active performance monitoring instead of passive performance monitoring?
A. To collect history and event statistics (specific to network devices)
B. To decrease Router CPU utilization on end systems (both user and server)
C. To maintain accurate network statistics (independent of end systems)
D. For performance verification (independent of application servers and users)
Correct Answer: D
Assume that Telnet users of your company are experiencing delays caused by cyclic congestion spikes. Traffic analysis shows minimal use of UDP. Which technology can be used to solve this problem?
A. Committed Access Rate
B. Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing
C. Deficit Round Robin
D. Weighted RED
Correct Answer: D
When you decide on Campus QoS Design elements, which two statements correctly identify considerations to be taken into account?
A. Voice needs to be assigned to the hardware priority queue.
B. Voice needs to be assigned to the software priority queue.
C. Call signaling must have guaranteed bandwidth service.
D. Strict-priority queuing should be limited to 50 percent of the capacity of the link.
Correct Answer: AC

During periods of congestion, which two impacts are of traffic shaping on traffic flows? (Choose two)
A. More packets dropped
B. Fewer packets dropped
C. Less bandwidth consumption
D. Increased delay
Correct Answer: BD
WRED is short for Weighted Random Early Detection. Which two descriptions are correct concerning WRED? (Choose two)
A. WRED allows thresholds to be applied to give higher priority applications access to limited buffer resources.
B. WRED throttles TCP-based applications to avoid congestion within the queue servicing the traffic.
C. WRED can inform remote devices that there is congestion on the network by setting the pause bit within the ToS field, instructing end devices to throttle their transmissions.
D. WRED provides bandwidth guarantees for packets within a queue, and tells the scheduler the order in which queues should be served.
Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 55
You are a network technician. A service provider is providing a QoS-based transport service. Three classes have been defined in the core, including an Expedited Forwarding (EF) class for VoIP traffic.
Which tool will you use at the ingress for the EF class?
C. Shaping
D. Policing
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 56
A service provider is offering four classes of service, with each class mapped to a separate queue. Some customers complain about receiving out-of-order packets, which cause application degradation.
Which QoS policy activity most likely causes these out-of-order packets?
B. Policing
C. Traffic shaping
D. Remarking

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 57
You are a network technician. Study the exhibit carefully. All links provided in the network are equal cost, and Router1 is configured to use per packet load sharing. One-way latencies for each route are displayed on the diagram.
Which option is true about packets sent from Network A to Network B?
Exhibit: A. Any out-of-order packets will be buffered and sent in order by CBWFQ, configured on Router 1.

B. Any out-of-order packets will be buffered and sent in order by CBWFQ, configured on Router 3.
C. Network B may receive out-of-order packets due to excessive latency on the Router 4- 3 link.
D. Router 1 will not use Router 4 and 3, because it will detect delayed TCP ACK packets coming from that path.

Correct Answer: C
Users at the your Company began experiencing high network delays when Internet connectivity was enabled for all users. After investigating the traffic flow, you determine that peer-to-peer traffic from a music download site is consuming a large amount of bandwidth. Which QoS mechanism can you implement to improve the network response time?
A. Use class-based shaping to delay any excessive peer-to-peer traffic.
B. Use class-based policing to limit the peer-to-peer traffic rate.
C. Use CBWFQ to queue the peer-to-peer traffic into the default traffic class.
D. Use class-based WRED to randomly drop the peer-to-peer traffic during network congestions.
Correct Answer: B
To ensure voice packets are kept within the Committed Information Rate (CIR) of a Frame Relay link, what should be used in the CPE?
A. Fragmentation
B. Prioritization
C. Classification
D. Traffic shaping
Correct Answer: D

Image result for 352-001
Fair queuing is a scheduling algorithm used in computer and telecommunications networks to allow multiple packet flows to fairly share the link capacity. How does Fair Queuing divide bandwidth?
A. Between all destinations relative to traffic load
B. Between classes of service based on traffic load
C. Equally between all classes of service
D. Equally between all flows
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 61
Which two are characteristics of RSVP? (Choose two)
A. RSVP itself provides bandwidth and delay guarantees.
B. RSVP reservations are maintained by a centralized reservations server.
C. An RSVP compatible QoS mechanism must be used to implement guarantees according to RSVP reservations.
D. For RSVP to be end-to-end, all devices must support RSVP.

Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 62
RSVP is short for Resource Reservation Protocol. Which statement is true about the RSVP protocol?
A. It is initiated uni-directionally along the data path downstream from each requesting node.
B. It is only for avoiding packet drop on collision-prone media (such as Ethernet).
C. It is only shared by pairs of peers participating in delay-sensitive, real-time applications like VoIP.
D. It is reserved bi-directionally by each originating node.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 63
Which description is true about RSVP reservations?
A. Dynamic, allocated when requested, and removed at the end of each session for which they were requested
B. Static, and must always be installed after power-up
C. Static, and cannot be removed once they are first requested by a delay-sensitive, real-time application
D. Dynamic, and depend on the amount of delay-sensitive, real-time data passing through

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 64
LLQ is short for Low Latency Queue .VoIP traffic is mapped to (LLQ) over a slow speed link. Which kind of delay will seriously affect the quality of voice for this link?
A. Encoding delay
B. Packetization delay
C. Propagation delay
D. Serialization delay

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 65
Which control plane problem can be prevented by implementing QoS, and how to eliminate the problem?
A. BGP instability, by prioritizing Precedence 6 traffic (per RFC 791)
B. OSPF instability, by remarking to Precedence 6 (per RFC 791)
C. OSPF instability, by using WRED to prioritize Precedence 6 routing updates (per RFC 791)
D. BGP instability, by means of traffic shaping updates (per RFC 791) Correct Answer: A
Header compression is the most cost-effective way to increase link efficiency for VoIP traffic.
A. False
B. True
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 67
What is one of the reasons that custom QoS ACLs are recommended over automatic QoS when configuring ports on a Catalyst 6500 for use with IP phones?
A. 79xx IP phones do not mark protocol packets such as DHCP, DNS, or TFTP with non-zero DSCP values.
B. 79xx IP phones use a custom protocol to communicate CDP information to the switch.
C. 79xx IP phones do not automatically mark voice packets with non-zero DSCP values.
D. 79xx IP phones do not mark voice packets with optimal DSCP values.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 68
Which QoS requirement applies to streaming video traffic?
A. Packet loss of 2 percent or less
B. 150bps of overhead bandwidth
C. One-way latency of 150 ms to 200 ms
D. Jitter of 30 ms or less

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 69
You are the Cisco Network Designer . Which two settings must be configured in order to use the GUI to configure Call Admission Control with voice applications? (Choose two.)
A. QoS must be set to Gold
B. QoS must be set to Platinum
C. QoS must be set to Silver
D. WMM must be enabled

Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 70
You are the Cisco Network Designer. Your company is using the G.711 codec with 802.11a access point radios. This can support a maximum of how many phones per access point?
A. 20
B. 10
C. 14
D. 5

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 71

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