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Exam A
Exhibit The result of the show interfaces serial 0/0 command is displayed in the exhibit. What command should be executed to make this interface operational?
A. Certkiller C(config-if)#enable
B. Certkiller C(config-if)# no keepalive
C. Certkiller C(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
D. Certkiller C(config-if)# no shutdown
E. Certkiller C(config-if)# clockrate 56000
F. Certkiller C(config-if)# line protocol up
Correct Answer: D
Which command will reinitialize the router and totally replace the running configuration with the current startup configuration?
A. Certkiller B#reload
B. Certkiller B# copy tftp startup-config
C. Certkiller B# copy startup.-config running-config
D. Certkiller B# copy running-config flash
E. Certkiller B# setup
Correct Answer: A
Which is the correct fallback sequence for loading the Cisco IOS?
A. ROM, Flash, NVRAM
B. ROM, TFTP server, Flash
C. Flash, TFTP server ROM
Correct Answer: C
Study the Exhibit below carefully:

A new router has been installed in the branch office in Lisbon. However, the network administrator cannot make a backup of the IOS image of the new route to the TFTP server located in the Gibraltar office. Following the network diagram, can you identify the cause of the problem?
A. IP address if the TFTP server not correct.
B. Incorrect subnet mask of the TFTP server.
C. Default gateway of the TFTP server not properly set.
D. Subnet mask on the Lisbon router not correct
E. Incorrect IP address configured on E0 of the Gibraltar router
Correct Answer: B
You are the network administrator at Certkiller . Certkiller users report that they cannot access resources on the LAN attached to interface e0 of router CK1 . You want to view the current IP addressing and the Layer 1 and Layer 2 status of this interface. Which of the following commands could you use? (Choose three.)
A. CK1 # show version
B. CK1 # show protocols
C. CK1 # show interfaces
D. CK1 # show controllers
E. CK1 # show ip interface
F. CK1 # show startup-config
Correct Answer: CDE
You are a network technician at Certkiller . You are troubleshooting a LAN connectivity problem. Which of the following router IOS commands could you use? (Select three options.)
A. show ip route
B. winipcfg
C. tracert
D. show interfaces
E. traceroute
F. ping
Correct Answer: ADF
You are a technician at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to know what command she can use to verify the active configuration on a Cisco router.
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What would your reply be?
A. Router# show memory
B. Router# show startup-config
C. Router# show running-config
D. Router# show flash

Correct Answer: C

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You are a technician at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee is troubleshooting a connectivity problem on the Certkiller network. She asks you what command she should use to test application layer connectivity the between source and destination. What would your reply be?
A. ping
B. telnet
C. traceroute
D. verify
E. trace
Correct Answer: B
You are the network administrator at Certkiller . Your assistant made a number of errors when utilizing the router setup mode facility. You want to exit setup mode without applying the changes that your assistant made. What should you do? (Select two.)
A. Type exit at the setup dialog.
B. Type close at the setup dialog.
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C. Press the Ctrl-C key combination.
D. Press the Ctrl-X key combination.
E. Issue the copy startup-config command.
F. Issue the ‘write e” command.
G. Issue the “write mem” command

Correct Answer: AC
With regard to bandwidth, which of the following statements are true? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Bandwidth availability is decreasing.
B. Bandwidth availability is infinite.
C. Bandwidth is used when analyzing network performance.
D. Bandwidth availability is finite.
E. Bandwidth availability is fixed.
Correct Answer: CD
You are the network administrator at Certkiller . From your workstation you telnet to a router VTY line.
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You perform a number of configurations on the router. You now want to terminate the telnet connection. What command must you issue to terminate the Telnet connection?
A. close
B. disable
C. disconnect
D. suspend
E. exit

Correct Answer: C
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