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Exam A
You are offering FTP services over the Internet to users who may be behind a firewall. You should advise users to enable passive FTP if they are behind a firewall that ________.
A. requires SFTP
B. has FTP tunneling disabled
C. does not allow FTP connections
D. does not allow all FTP connection modes

Correct Answer: D
Which task can you perform remotely with Remote Desktop that you CANNOT accomplish locally using Server Admin?
A. Start and stop services on the server.
B. Administrate a server without a monitor.
C. Administrate multiple servers simultaneously.
D. Configure an additional Ethernet port on the server.

Correct Answer: D
In Mac OS X Server, you configure password policies in ________. (Choose TWO.)
A. Workgroup Manager, at the basic user panel
B. Workgroup Manager, as an advanced user option
C. Workgroup Manager, as part of Accounts preferences
D. Server Admin, as part of Directory Services settings
E. Server Admin, as part of Open Directory settings

Correct Answer: BE
You have defined managed preferences for the Guest Computers account in Workgroup Manager. Those preferences apply to ________.
A. computers named on the Guest Computers list only
B. any bound computer from which a user connects to the server with Guest access
C. any bound computer that is not a member of a named computer list on the server
D. computers that are members of computer lists that have Guest access to the server
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is true of the Software Update service in Mac OS X Server v10.4?
A. It restricts access to updates based on Ethernet addresses.
B. It can be configured to automatically download all updates from Apple, but serve only selected updates.
C. It allows you to create software update packages and distribute them on a local network, alongside updates provided by Apple.
D. Turning it on prevents users from accessing Apple’s update server directly, and restricts them to your server for Apple software updates.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6

Which three password policy options can you select in Mac OS X Server v10.4? (Choose THREE.)
A. Log failed login attempts.
B. Use Kerberos passwords.
C. Use Clear Text passwords.
D. Establish password criteria.
E. Set length of expiration intervals.
F. Identify password storage location.

Correct Answer: ADE
Sharing files over NFS is NOT secure because NFS ________.
A. relies on Kerberos
B. uses Clear Text passwords
C. uses MAC address authentication
D. does not require user authentication

Correct Answer: D
Where on a client machine is managed client data stored after the user logs in?
A. /Library
B. /System/Library
C. /Library/Preferences/
D. ~/Library/Preferences/

Correct Answer: D
The primary role of shadow files in NetBoot is ________.
A. to allow the client to boot diskless
B. to provide a temporary writable space
C. to allow NetBoot to run in read-only mode
D. to allow NetBoot clients to edit the NetBoot image
Correct Answer: B
In Mac OS X Server v10.4 Workgroup Manager, the Often preference lets users ________.
A. make preference setting changes that are persistent
B. define the number of times a preference setting can be changed
C. change a preference setting for the duration of their login session
D. define a calendar schedule for resetting a preference to its default value

Correct Answer: C