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A network engineer demonstrates Cisco ACI to a customer. One of the test cases is to validate a disaster recovery event by resetting the ACI fabric to the factory and then restoring the fabric to the state it was in before the event.

Which setting must be enabled on ACI to export all configuration parameters that are necessary to meet these requirements?

A. enabled AES encryption
B. generated a tech-support file
C. encrypted export destination
D. enabled JSON format export


Refer to the exhibit. A customer must back up the current Cisco ACI configuration securely to the remote location using encryption and authentication. The backup job must run once per day. The customer\’s security policy mandates that any sensitive information including passwords must not be exported from the device.

Which set of steps meets these requirements?

A. Export destination using FTP protocol. Use XML format.
B. Export destination using FTP protocol. Disable Global AES Encryption.
C. Export destination using SCP protocol. Disable Global AES Encryption.
D. Export destination using SCP protocol. Use XML format.


Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must configure an L3Out peering with the backbone network. The L3Out must forward unicast and multicast traffic over the link. Which two methods should be used to configure L3Out to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Layer 3 routed port
B. VPC with SVI
C. port-channel with SVI
D. Layer 3 routed subinterface
E. Layer 3 floating SVI


An engineer configured a bridge domain with the hardware-proxy option for Layer 2 unknown unicast traffic. What occurs in this configuration?

A. The leaf switch drops the Layer 2 unknown unicast packet if it is unable to find the MAC address in the local forwarding tables.
B. The Layer 2 unknown hardware proxy lacks the support of the topology change notification.
C. The leaf switch forwards the Layers 2 unknown unicast packets to all other leaf switches if it is unable to find the MAC address in its local forwarding tables.
D. The spine switch drops the Layer 2 unknown unicast packet if it is unable to find the MAC address in the COOP database.


An engineer is extending an EPG out of the ACI fabric using static path binding. Which statement about the endpoints is true?

A. Endpoints must connect directly to the ACI leaf port.
B. External endpoints are in a different bridge domain than the endpoints in the fabric.
C. Endpoint learning encompasses the MAC address only.
D. External endpoints are in the same EPG as the directly attached endp


An engineer must ensure that Cisco ACI flushes the appropriate endpoints when a topology change notification message is received in an MST domain. Which three steps are required to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)

A. Enable the BPDU interface controls under the spanning-tree interface policy.
B. Configure a new STP interface policy.
C. Bind the spanning-tree policy to the switch policy group.
D. Associate the STP interface policy to the appropriate interface policy group.
E. Create a new region policy under the spanning-tree policy.
F. Map VLAN range to MST instance number.


Which feature dynamically assigns or modifies the EPG association of virtual machines based on their attributes?

A. vzAny contracts
B. standard contracts
C. application EPGs
D. uSeg EPGs


A bridge domain for an EPG called “Web Servers” must be created in the Cisco APIC. The configuration must meet these requirements:

Only traffic to known MAC addresses must be allowed to reduce noise.
The multicast traffic must be limited to the ports that are participating in multicast routing.
The endpoints within the bridge domain must be kept in the endpoint table for 20 minutes without any updates.

Which set of steps configures the bridge domain that satisfies the requirements?

A. Switch L2 Unknown Unicast to Flood. Select the default Endpoint Retention Policy and set the Local Endpoint Aging to 20 minutes. Set Multicast Destination Flooding to Flood in Encapsulation.
B. Set L2 Unknown Unicast to Hardware Proxy. Configure L3 Unknown Multicast Flooding to Optimized Flood. Create an Endpoint Retention Policy with a Local Endpoint Aging Interval of 1200 seconds.
C. Multicast Destination Flooding should be set to Flood in BD. Set L3 Unknown Multicast Flooding to Flood. Select the default Endpoint Retention Policy with a Local Endpoint Aging Interval of 1200 seconds.
D. Select the ARP Flooding checkbox. Create an Endpoint Retention Policy with a Remote Endpoint Aging Interval of 20 minutes. Set L3 Unknown Multicast Flooding to Optimized Flooding.


In-band is currently configured and used to manage the Cisco ACI fabric. The requirement is for leaf and spine switches to use out-of-band management for NTP protocol. Which action accomplishes this goal?

A. Select Out-of-Band as Management EPG in the default DateTimePolicy.
B. Create an Override Policy with NTP Out-of-Band for leaf and spine switches.
C. Change the interface used for APIC external connectivity to ooband.
D. Add a new filter to the utilized Out-of-Band-Contract to allow NTP protocol.


The unicast routing feature is enabled on the bridge domain. Which two conditions enable the Cisco ACI leaf to learn a source IP as a local endpoint? (Choose two.)

A. Through Ethernet traffic received in a bridge domain.
B. IP traffic routed through an SVI.
C. Through VXLAN traffic received on the uplink.
D. IP traffic routed through a Layer 3 Out.
E. Through ARP received on an SVI.


Where is the COOP database located?

A. leaf
B. spine
D. endpoint


What is the minimum number of APICs does Cisco recommend to deploy in a production cluster?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

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