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Cisco 300-430 Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI)

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A customer is deploying local web authentication. Which software application must be implemented on Cisco ISE to
utilize as a directory service?
A. Solaris Directory Service
D. Novell eDirectory
Correct Answer: B

What is the difference between PIM sparse mode and PIM dense mode?
A. Sparse mode supports only one switch. Dense mode supports multiswitch networks.
B. Sparse mode floods. Dense mode uses distribution trees.
C. Sparse mode uses distribution trees. Dense mode floods.
D. Sparse mode supports multiswitch networks. Dense mode supports only one switch.
Correct Answer: C

300-430 exam questions-q2

On a branch office deployment, it has been noted that if the FlexConnect AP is in standalone mode and loses
connection to the WLC, all clients are disconnected, and the SSID is no longer advertised. Considering that
FlexConnect local switching is enabled, which setting is causing this behavior?
A. ISE NAC is enabled
B. 802.11r Fast Transition is enabled
C. Client Exclusion is enabled
D. FlexConnect Local Auth is disabled
Correct Answer: D

300-430 exam questions-q3

During the EAP process and specifically related to the client authentication session, which encrypted key is sent from
the RADIUS server to the access point?
A. WPA key
B. session key
C. encryption key
D. shared-secret key
Correct Answer: B

300-430 exam questions-q4


300-430 exam questions-q5

An engineer configures the wireless LAN controller to perform 802.1x user authentication. Which configuration must be
enabled to ensure that client devices can connect to the wireless, even when WLC cannot communicate with the
A. pre-authentication
B. local EAP
C. authentication caching
D. Cisco Centralized Key Management
Correct Answer: B

300-430 exam questions-q5-2

A new MSE with wIPS service has been installed and no alarm information appears to be reaching the MSE from
controllers. Which protocol must be allowed to reach the MSE from the controllers?
Correct Answer: B

300-430 exam questions-q6

An engineer is implementing Cisco Identity-Based Networking on a Cisco AireOS controller. The engineer has two ACLs
on the controller. The first ACL, named BASE_ACL, is applied to the corporate_clients interface on the WLC, which is
used for all corporate clients. The second ACL, named HR_ACL, is referenced by ISE in the Human Resources group
policy. What is the resulting ACL when a Human Resources user connects?
A. HR_ACL appended with BASE_ACL
B. HR_ACL only
C. BASE_ACL appended with HR_ACL
D. BASE_ACL only
Correct Answer: B

A wireless network has been implemented to enable multicast video to be streamed reliably over the wireless link to the
wireless to the wireless users. After a client reports that the video is unable to stream the administrator determines that
the client is connecting a data rate of 12 Mbps and is trying to stream to a void multicast address on the network. Which
two actions must be applied? (Choose two.)
A. Allow RTSP stream the video due to wireless multicast not using acknowledgments.
B. Allow multicast direct to work correctly and multicast-direct to be enabled globally.
C. Change the WLAN QoS value to Bronze for the WLANs on the controller.
D. Turn off IGMP snooping for all the configured WLANS on the controller.
E. Implement video stream for the multicast video on the controller
Correct Answer: BE

An engineer is implementing a FlexConnect group for access points at a remote location using local switching but
central DHCP. Which client feature becomes available only if this configuration is changed?
A. multicast
B. static IP
C. fast roaming
Correct Answer: B

300-430 exam questions-q10

An engineer wants the wireless voice traffic class of service to be used to determine the queue order for packets
received, and then have the differentiated services code point set to match when it is resent to another port on the
switch. Which configuration is required in the network?
A. Platinum QoS configured on the WLAN
B. WMM set to required on the WLAN
C. mls qos trust dscp configured on the controller switch port
D. mls qos trust cos configured on the controller switch port
Correct Answer: C

300-430 exam questions-q11

Which component must be integrated with Cisco DNA Center to display the location of a client that is experiencing
connectivity issues?
A. Cisco Hyperlocation Module
B. Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
C. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences
D. Cisco Mobility Services Engine
Correct Answer: A

300-430 exam questions-q12

An engineer needs to configure an autonomous AP for 802.Ix authentication. To achieve the highest security an
authentication server is used for user authentication During testing, the AP fails to pass the user authentication request
to the authentication server. Which two details need to be configured on the AP to allow communicator! between the
server and the AP? (Choose two.)
A. RADIUS IP address
B. Username and password
C. Group name
D. Shared secret
E. PAC encryption key
Correct Answer: AD

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