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Cisco 300-815 Implementing Cisco Advanced Call Control and Mobility Services (CLACCM)

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Refer to the exhibit.

300-815 exam questions-q1

Within the North American Numbering Plan, gateways located in Ottawa, Canada and marked as “YOW” are assigned
to the Calling Party Transformation CSS NANP_CgPTP, which contains partition NANP_calling_xforms. What is the
calling-party number and the numbering type if the calling user +1613555-1234 dials the number?
A. calling number 613-555-1234 and numbering type “subscriber”
B. calling number 011-1-613-555-1234 and numbering type “subscriber”
C. calling number 011613-555-1234 and numbering type “international”
D. calling number 613-555-1234 and numbering type “national”
Correct Answer: D

Which two types of distribution algorithm are within a line group? (Choose two.)
A. random
B. circular
C. highest preference
D. top down
E. bottom up
Correct Answer: BD

The administrator of ABC company is troubleshooting a one-way audio issue for a call that uses H.323 protocol (slowstart mode). The administrator requests that you provide the IP and port information of the Real-Time Transport Protocol
traffic that had the one-way audio call.
You gather the H.225 and H.245 messages for one of the one-way audio calls. Where can you find the RTP IP and port
information for both sides? (Note: This call flow has not invoked any media resources like MTP or transcoders).
A. H.245 Terminal Capability Set
B. H.245 Open Logical Channel
C. H.225 Connect
D. H.245 Open Logical Channel Ack
Correct Answer: B

Configure Call Queuing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Where do you set the maximum number of callers
in the queue?
A. in the telephony service configuration
B. in the queuing configuration
C. in Cisco Unified CM Enterprise Parameters
D. in Cisco Unified CM Service Parameters
Correct Answer: B

If all patterns below are configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager which would be used when dialing the
pattern “123”?
A. 12!
B. 12X (urgent priority set)
C. 1XX (urgent Priority Set)
D. 12[2-5]
Correct Answer: D

An engineer must route all SIP calls in the form of to the SIP trunk gateway corporate local. Which two
SIP route patterns can be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. [email protected]
B. *
C. gateway.corporate.local
E. *.*
Correct Answer: BE

An administrator is configuring a cluster for ILS and wants to limit the amount of entities that Cisco Unified
Communications Manager can write to the database for data that is learned through ILS. Which service parameter is
used to adjust this limit?
A. ILS Max Number of Learned Objects in Database
B. ILS Active Learned Object Upper Limit
C. Global Data Service Parameter Limit
D. Imported Dial Plan Replication Database Object Lower Limit
Correct Answer: A

A user reports when they press the services key they do not receive a user ID and password prompt to assign the
phone extension. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Create the default device profiles for all phone models that are used.
B. Subscribe the phone to the Cisco Extension Mobility service.
C. Create the end user and associate it to the device profile.
D. Assign the extension as a mobile extension.
Correct Answer: B

CollabCorp is a global company with two clusters, emea.collab corp and apac.collab.corp. URI dialing is implemented
and working in each cluster. The company configured routing between clusters to make intercluster calls via URI. but
this is not working as expected. Which two configuration elements should be checked to resolve this issue? (Choose
A. directory URI partition
B. SIP route pattern
C. intercluster trunk
D. calling search space and partition
E. SIP trunk
Correct Answer: BE

Which configuration must an administrator perform to display Translation Pattern operations in Cisco Unified
Communications Manager SDL traces?
A. Enable the Detailed Call Analysis option under Enterprise Parameters for Unified CM.
B. Set up the Digit Analysis Complexity in Service Parameters for Cisco Unified CM to

C. Check the Translation Patterns Analysis check box in Micro Traces on the Cisco Unified CM Serviceability page.
D. By default, the Translation Patterns operations are printed in SDL traces, so no additional configuration is necessary.
Correct Answer: D

An engineer must configure a secure SIP trunk with a remote provider, with a specific requirement to use
5065 for inbound and otubound traffic. Which two items must be configured to complete this configuration?
(Choose two.)
A. Incoming Port in SIP Information section of the SIP Trunk configuration.
B. Incoming Port in Security Information of the SIP Profile configuration.
C. Destination Port in SIP Information section of the SIP Trunk configuration
D. Incoming Port in SIP Trunk Security Profile configuration
E. Destination Port in SIP Trunk Security Profile configuration
Correct Answer: CD

A network engineer designs a new dial plan and wants to block a certain range of numbers (8135100 through 8135105).
What is the most specific route pattern that can be configured to block only the numbers in this range?
A. 813510[012345]
B. 813510[12345]
C. 813510[^0-5]
Correct Answer: A

When configuring hunt groups, where do you add the individual directory numbers that will be part of the group?
A. route group
B. line group
C. hunt list
D. hunt pilot
Correct Answer: B

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