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Cisco 300-820 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions (CLCEI)

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How does an administrator configure an Expressway to make sure an external caller cannot reach a specific internal
A. add the specific URI in the firewall section of the Expressway and block it
B. block the call with a call policy rule in the Expressway-E
C. add a search rule route all calls to the Cisco UCM
D. configure FAC for the destination alias on the Expressway
Correct Answer: B

An external Jabber device cannot register. While troubleshooting this issue, the engineer discovers that privately signed
certificates are being used on Expressway-C and Expressway-E What action will resolve this issue?
A. The private CA certificate must be placed in the phone trust store.
B. The Jabber client must register to the Cisco UCM internally before it will register externally.
C. The device running the Jabber client must use a VPN to register.
D. The device running the Jabber client must download and trust the private CA certificate.
Correct Answer: D


300-820 exam questions-q3

Refer to the exhibit. Which description of the transformation is true?
A. It converts [email protected]: to [email protected]
B. It changes all patterns that begin with [email protected]: to [email protected]
C. It changes [email protected]: to [email protected]
D. It converts [email protected]: to [email protected]
Correct Answer: A

An administrator has been asked to configure Video Mesh signaling traffic to route through a proxy.
Which is an available proxy type in the Video Mesh node configuration to support this deployment model?
A. Transparent Explicit Proxy
B. Transparent Inspecting Proxy
C. Reverse Proxy
D. Distorting Proxy
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements about Expressway media traversal are true? (Choose two.)
A. Expressway Control is the traversal server installed in the DMZ.
B. The Expressway Edge must be put in a firewall DMZ segment.
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone can be either traversal server or client.
D. The Unified Communications traversal zone can be used for Mobile and Remote Access.
E. Both Expressway Edge interfaces can be NATed.
Correct Answer: BD

Which SIP media encryption mode is applied by default for newly created zones in the Cisco Expressway?
A. C…….
B. Auto

C. Force Encrypted
D. Best Effort
Correct Answer: B

When deploying an Expressway Core and Expressway Edge cluster for mobile and remote access, which TLS verity
subject name must be configured on the Expressway-E UC traversal zone?
A. Webex CUSP Cluster Name
B. Expressway-E Cluster Name
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher FQDN
D. Expressway-C Cluster Name
Correct Answer: D

A Cisco Webex Hybrid Video Mesh Node can be installed in the DMZ and on the internal network. Which statement is
A. Webex Cloud supports either a DMZ-based Mesh Node for security or an internal-based Mesh Node for media
control only.
B. Installing a Video Mesh Node in the DMZ requires you to open TCP and UDP port 4444 in your internal firewall for full
clustering functionality.
C. Installing a Video Mesh Node in the DMZ requires the external firewall to allow UDP traffic from ANY port to the
address of the Video Mesh Nodes via port 5004.
D. Using internal Video Mesh Node also works due to Mobile and Remote Access setup for Webex Teams clients. A
DMZ node is added for extra security.
Correct Answer: C


300-820 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. Which two numbers match the regular expression? (Choose two.)
A. d20d16d20d22
B. 2091652010224
C. 209165200225
D. d209d165d200d224
E. 209165200224
Correct Answer: CE


300-820 exam questions-q10

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco Unified Communications Manager routes the call via the Webex Meetings route list and route
group to the Video Mesh cluster Node#1 in the Video Mesh cluster is hosting the meeting and has reached full capacity,
but other nodes in the cluster still have spare capacity.
What happens to the participant\\’s call?
A. Another node in the cluster is used and an intra-cluster cascade between the two Video Mesh nodes is formed.
B. The call is queued.
C. The call fails.
D. Another node in the cluster is used and an intra-cluster cascade between Webex and the new Video Mesh node is
Correct Answer: D


300-820 exam questions-q11

Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of a transformation applied to alias 88514?
A. [email protected]
B. [email protected] com
C. [email protected]
D. [email protected]
Correct Answer: C

An Expressway-E is configured using a single NIC with NAT.
How must the Expressway-C traversal client zone be configured to connect to the Expressway-E?
A. TLS verify must be enabled.
B. The zone profile must be set to default.
C. The peer address must be the Expressway-E NAT address.
D. The peer address must be the Expressway-E LAN 1 IP address.
Correct Answer: C

When determining why Mobile and Remote Access to Cisco TelePresence equipment does not work anymore for an
organization. There are several administrators and configuration changes could have happened without anyone
knowing. Internal communication seems to be working, but no external system can register or call anywhere. Gathering
symptoms, you also discover that no internal systems can call out either.
What is TraversalZone missing that causes this issue?
A. link to the DefaultZone
B. pipe to the DefaultZone
C. SIP trunk to the DefaultZone
D. route pattern to the DefaultZone
Correct Answer: A

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