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Cisco 350-201 Performing CyberOps Using Cisco Security Technologies (CBRCOR)

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[PDF] Free Cisco 350-201 dumps pdf download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1suzCB9m6Y2uf5CUGUBCQhpnmyVnR5X-F/view?usp=sharing

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350-201 exam questions-q1

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection installed on an end-user desktop has automatically submitted
a low prevalence file to the Threat Grid analysis engine for further analysis. What should be concluded from this report?
A. The prioritized behavioral indicators of compromise do not justify the execution of the “ransomware” because the
scores do not indicate the likelihood of malicious ransomware.
B. The prioritized behavioral indicators of compromise do not justify the execution of the “ransomware” because the
scores are high and do not indicate the likelihood of malicious ransomware.
C. The prioritized behavioral indicators of compromise justify the execution of the “ransomware” because the scores are
high and indicate the likelihood that malicious ransomware has been detected.
D. The prioritized behavioral indicators of compromise justify the execution of the “ransomware” because the scores are
low and indicate the likelihood that malicious ransomware has been detected.
Correct Answer: C

A payroll administrator noticed unexpected changes within a piece of software and reported the incident to the incident
response team. Which actions should be taken at this step in the incident response workflow?
A. Classify the criticality of the information, research the attacker\\’s motives, and identify missing patches
B. Determine the damage to the business, extract reports, and save evidence according to a chain of custody
C. Classify the attack vector, understand the scope of the event, and identify the vulnerabilities being exploited
D. Determine the attack surface, evaluate the risks involved, and communicate the incident according to the escalation
Correct Answer: B

A SOC team is informed that a UK-based user will be traveling between three countries over the next 60 days. Having
the names of the 3 destination countries and the user\\’s working hours, what must the analyst do next to detect an
abnormal behavior?
A. Create a rule triggered by 3 failed VPN connection attempts in an 8-hour period
B. Create a rule triggered by 1 successful VPN connection from any nondestination country
C. Create a rule triggered by multiple successful VPN connections from the destination countries
D. Analyze the logs from all countries related to this user during the traveling period
Correct Answer: D


350-201 exam questions-q4

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer notices a significant anomaly in the traffic in one of the host groups in Cisco Secure
Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) and must analyze the top data transmissions. Which tool accomplishes this task?
A. Top Peers
B. Top Hosts
C. Top Conversations
D. Top Ports
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.ciscolive.com/c/dam/r/ciscolive/emea/docs/2018/pdf/BRKSEC-3014.pdf

What is a limitation of cyber security risk insurance?
A. It does not cover the costs to restore stolen identities as a result of a cyber attack
B. It does not cover the costs to hire forensics experts to analyze the cyber attack
C. It does not cover the costs of damage done by third parties as a result of a cyber attack
D. It does not cover the costs to hire a public relations company to help deal with a cyber attack
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://tplinsurance.com/products/cyber-risk-insurance/

An analyst is alerted for a malicious file hash. After analysis, the analyst determined that an internal workstation is
communicating over port 80 with an external server and that the file hash is associated with Duqu malware. Which
tactics, techniques, and procedures align with this analysis?
A. Command and Control, Application Layer Protocol, Duqu
B. Discovery, Remote Services: SMB/Windows Admin Shares, Duqu
C. Lateral Movement, Remote Services: SMB/Windows Admin Shares, Duqu
D. Discovery, System Network Configuration Discovery, Duqu
Correct Answer: A

What is the purpose of hardening systems?
A. to securely configure machines to limit the attack surface
B. to create the logic that triggers alerts when anomalies occur
C. to identify vulnerabilities within an operating system
D. to analyze attacks to identify threat actors and points of entry
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What is occurring in this packet capture?

350-201 exam questions-q8

A. TCP port scan
B. TCP flood
C. DNS flood
D. DNS tunneling
Correct Answer: B


350-201 exam questions-q9

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must tune the Cisco IOS device to mitigate an attack that is broadcasting a large
number of ICMP packets. The attack is sending the victim\\’s spoofed source IP to a network using an IP broadcast
address that causes devices in the network to respond back to the source IP address.
Which action does the engineer recommend?
A. Use command ip verify reverse-path interface
B. Use global configuration command service tcp-keepalives-out
C. Use subinterface command no ip directed-broadcast
D. Use logging trap 6
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.ccexpert.us/pix-firewall/ip-verify-reversepath-command.html

A customer is using a central device to manage network devices over SNMPv2. A remote attacker caused a denial of
service condition and can trigger this vulnerability by issuing a GET request for the ciscoFlashMIB OID on an affected
Which should be disabled to resolve the issue?
B. TCP small services
C. port UDP 161 and 162
D. UDP small services
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2018-0161

Employees report computer system crashes within the same week. An analyst is investigating one of the computers that
crashed and discovers multiple shortcuts in the system\\’s startup folder. It appears that the shortcuts redirect users to
malicious URLs.
What is the next step the engineer should take to investigate this case?
A. Remove the shortcut files
B. Check the audit logs
C. Identify affected systems
D. Investigate the malicious URLs
Correct Answer: C

How is a SIEM tool used?
A. To collect security data from authentication failures and cyber attacks and forward it for analysis
B. To search and compare security data against acceptance standards and generate reports for analysis
C. To compare security alerts against configured scenarios and trigger system responses
D. To collect and analyze security data from network devices and servers and produce alerts
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.varonis.com/blog/what-is-siem/


350-201 exam questions-q13

Refer to the exhibit. IDS is producing an increased amount of false positive events about brute force attempts on the
organization\\’s mail server. How should the Snort rule be modified to improve performance?
A. Block list of internal IPs from the rule
B. Change the rule content match to case sensitive
C. Set the rule to track the source IP
D. Tune the count and seconds threshold of the rule
Correct Answer: B

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