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1. Router A learns the same route from two different neighbors; one of the neighbor routers is an OSPF neighbor, and the other is an EIGRP neighbor. What is the administrative distance of the route that will be installed in the routing table?

A. 20
B. 90
C. 110
D. 115

Correct Answer: B

The Administrative Distance (AD) of EIGRP is 90 while the AD of OSPF is 110 so the EIGRP route will be chosen to install into the routing table.

2. Which two statements describe the characteristics of IPv6 unicast addressing? (Choose two.)

A. Global addresses start with 2000::/3.
B. Link-local addresses start with FE00:/12.
C. Link-local addresses start with FF00::/10.
D. There is only one loopback address and it is :1.
E. If a global address is assigned to an interface, then that is the only allowable address for the interface.

Correct Answer: AD

Below is the list of common kinds of IPv6 addresses:

3. Which three are characteristics of an IPv6 anycast address? (Choose three.)

A. one-to-many communication model
B. one-to-nearest communication model
C. any-to-many communication model
D. a unique IPv6 address for each device in the group
E. the same address for multiple devices in the group
F. delivery of packets to the group interface that is closest to the sending device

Correct Answer: BEF

A new address type made specifically for IPv6 is called the Anycast Address. These IPv6 addresses are global addresses, these addresses can be assigned to more than one interface, unlike an IPv6 unicast address. Anycast is designed to send a packet to the nearest interface that is a part of that anycast group.

The sender creates a packet and forwards the packet to the anycast address as the destination address which goes to the nearest router. The nearest router or interface is found by using the metric of a routing protocol currently running on the network.

However, in a LAN setting the nearest interface is found depending on the order the neighbors were learned. The anycast packet in a LAN setting forwards the packet to the neighbor it learned about first.

4. What is the purpose of a southbound API in a control-based networking architecture?

A. Facilities communication between the controller and the applications
B. Facilities communication between the controller and the networking hardware
C. allows application developers to interact with the network
D. integrates a controller with other automation and orchestration tools.

Correct Answer: B

The Southbound Interface
In a controller-based network architecture, the controller needs to communicate with the networking devices. In most network drawings and architecture drawings, those network devices typically sit below the controller, as shown in Figures 16-5.

There is an interface between the controller and those devices and given its location at the bottom part of the drawings, the interface came to be known as the southbound interface, or SBI, as labeled in Figures 16-5.

5. Which plane is centralized by a SON controller?

A. management-plane
B. control-plane
C. data-plane
D. services-plane

Correct Answer: B

6. Refer to the exhibit. Site A was recently connected to site B over a new single-mode fiber path. Users at site A report Intermittent connectivity Issues with applications hosted at site B. What is the reason for the problem?

A. Heavy usage is causing high latency.
B. An incorrect type of transceiver has been inserted into a device on the link.
C. physical network errors are being transmitted between the two sites.
D. The wrong cable type was used to make the connection.

Correct Answer: C

7. Which type of organization should use a collapsed-core architecture?

A. large and requires a flexible, scalable network design
B. large and must minimize downtime when hardware fails
C. is small and needs to reduce networking costs currently
D. is small but is expected to grow dramatically in the near future

Correct Answer: C

8. DRAG DROP Drag the characteristics of network architectures from the left onto the type of architecture on the right
9. A port-security violation has occurred on a switch port due to the maximum MAC address count being exceeded, which command must be configured to increment the security-violation count and forward an SNMP trap?

A. switchport port-security violation access
B. switchport port-security violation protect
C. switchport port-security violation restrict
D. switchport port-security violation shutdown

Correct Answer: D


Correct Answer: C

From the output we can see there are Designated Router and Backup Designated Router for this OSPF domain so this is a broadcast network (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks do not elect DR and BDR).

By default, the timers on a broadcast network (Ethernet, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint) are 10 seconds hello and 40 seconds dead. The timers on a non-broadcast network are 30 seconds hello 120 seconds dead.

From the line “Neighbor Count is 3”, we learn there are four OSPF routers in this OSPF domain.

11. Which two components are needed to create an Ansible script that configures a VLAN on a switch? (Choose two.)

A. cookbook
B. task
C. playbook
D. model
E. recipe

Correct Answer: BC

Ansible playbooks: “files that provide actions and logic about what Ansible should do.”
“The playbook will list tasks and choices based on those results, like “Configure all branch routers in these locations, and if errors occur for any device, do these extra tasks for that device”.”

12. What are two benefits of controller-based networking compared to traditional networking?

A. controller-based increases network bandwidth usage, while traditional lightens the load on the network.
B. controller-based inflates software costs, while traditional decreases individual licensing costs
C. Controller-based reduces network configuration complexity, while traditional increases the potential for errors
D. Controller-based provides centralization of key IT functions. While traditional requires distributes management function
E. controller-based allows for fewer network failures, while traditional increases failure rates.

Correct Answer: CD

Cisco DNA Center Device Management

3. Monitor the cloud for software update

5. Uses CLI templates to apply a consistent configuration to multiple devices at an individual location

6. Uses NetFlow to analyse potential security threats throughout the network and take appropriate action on that traffic Traditional device management

2. Manages device configuration on a per-device basis

4. Security is managed near the perimeter of the network with firewalls, VPNs, and IPS Implements changes via an SSH terminal

13. Which PoE mode enables powered-device detection and guarantees power when the device is detected?

A. dynamic
B. static
C. active
D. auto

Correct Answer: B

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