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300-425 Dumps [New Nersion] Valid Cisco ENWLSD 300-425 Preparation Material

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Abbreviation: 300-425 ENWLSD
Full name: Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks
Exam time: 90 minutes
Languages: English and Japanese
Cost: $300 USD
Certification: CCNP Enterprise

We all know that to earn CCNP Enterprise certification, you need to pass two exams: a core exam (350-401 ENCOR) and an enterprise concentration exam of your choice (one of six). The 300-425 exam happens to be a member of the centralized exam.

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300-425 Exam Question 1

An engineer performs a Layer 1 survey by using Metegeek chanalyzer only on the current operating channel. Which operating mode is configured for a Cisco CleanAIR AP?

A. Local
B. Sniffer
C. Monitor
D. SE-connect

Correct Answer: A


300-425 Exam Question 2

An engineer Is trying to determine the most cost-effective way to deploy high availability for a campus enterprise wireless network that currently leverages three wireless LAN controllers. Which architecture should the engineer deploy?

A. N+1 solution without SS0
B. N+1 with SSO
C. N+N solution without SSO
D. N+N with SSO

Correct Answer: B


300-425 Exam Question 3

A high-density wireless network is designed. Which Cisco WLC configuration setting must be incorporated in the design to encourage clients to use the 5 GHz spectrum?

B. Cisco centralized key management
C. Band select
D. Load balancing

Correct Answer: C

300-425 Exam Question 4

An engineer changed the TPC Power Threshold for and wireless deployment from the default value to-65 dBm. The engineer conducts a new post-deployment Survey to validate the results What is the expected outcome?

A. Increase cell size
B. Decreased client signal strength
C. Increased received sensitivity
D. Decreased channel overlap

Correct Answer: B

300-425 Exam Question 5

During a post-deployment site Survey, issues are found with non wi-Fi interference. What should the engineer use to identify the source of the Interference?

A. Network analysis module
B. Wireless intrusion prevention
C. Wireshark
D. Cisco spectrum expert

Correct Answer: D

300-425 Exam Question 6

A customer celled with a requirement that internal clients must be on different subnets depending on the building they are in, AH access points are operating in local mode and will not be modified, and this is a single controller solution. Which design approach creates the desired result?

A. Create an SSID, place it to the desired VLAN under WLANs, and configure 802 lx in ISE to assign the correct VLAN based on the SSID from which the client is authenticating.
B. Create FlexConnecI groups, place the access points in. and sat the correct VLAN to SSID mapping based on location.
C. Create AP groups for each desired location, map the correct VLANs to the internal SSID, and add the access points for that location.
D. Create mobility anchors for the SSID, and on the controller under the internal SSID. create a foreign map to the desired VLAN based on location.

Correct Answer: C

300-425 Exam Question 7

A network engineer is troubleshooting connectivity issues between two WLCs running 8.x code in SSO mode and finds that the redundancy management heartbeat is failing. Which packet type must be filtered for heartbeats when taking a capture to verify communication?


Correct Answer: B

300-425 Exam Question 8

Why is 802.11a connectivity reduced in an X-ray room?

A. X-rays create significant non-Wi-Fi interference on the 802.11a band.
B. X-rays impact the 802,11a UNll-2 channels that cause access points to dynamically change channels.
C. X-rays within these rooms cause multipath issues.
D. X-ray rooms exhibit increased signal attenuation.

Correct Answer: A

300-425 Exam Question 9

Which CLI command does an engineer use to validate that the redundancy peer of a Stateful Switchover pair of controllers is up and connected?

A. rping
B. ping
C. eping
D. mping

Correct Answer: B


300-425 Exam Question 10

A network engineer is working on a predictive WLAN design, the new wireless network must support access to Internet, email, voice, and the inventory database, to successfully support these services, which configuration must the engineer use for the signal strength levels and SNR on the planning tool?

A. signal strength of-67 dBm, 25-dB SNR, and maximum 1 percent packet loss.
B. signal strength of-67 dBm, 20-dB SNR, and maximum 5 percent, packet loss.
C. signal strength of 67 dBm, 20-dB SNR, and maximum 1 percent packet loss.
D. signal strength of-70 dBm,30-dB SNR. and maximum 10 percent packet loss.

Correct Answer: A

300-425 Exam Question 11

A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network for a warehouse using access points with internal antennas. Which two elements have a negative effect on the wireless users? (Choose two.)

A. wireless channels
B. access point height
C. client authentication
D. client authorization
E. absorption

Correct Answer: BE


300-425 Exam Question 12
An engineer has successfully configured high availability and SSO using two Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers. The engineer can access the Active Primary WLC, but the Secondary Standby WLC is not accessible. Which two methods allow access to the standby unit? (Choose two.)

A. via the console connection
B. SSH to the redundancy management interface of the primary WLC
C. SSH to the service port interface
D. SSH to the virtual interface of the secondary WLC
E. SSH to the management interface of the primary WLC

Correct Answer: AC


300-425 Exam Question 13

A customer is looking for a network design with Cisco Hyperloctation using AP4800 for location tracking via a custom mobile app Issues appeared in the past with refresh rates for location updates. What needs to be implemented to meet these requirements?

A. Cisco CMX SDK in the location app
B. redundant CMX and fetch location in round-robin fashion.
C. device Bluetooth via the app
D. Cisco FastLocate technology

Correct Answer: D

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