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[July -2021] Latest Cisco 300-730 actual exam questions for free, 300-730 exam discount

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latest Cisco 300-730 exam questions for free

What uses an Elliptic Curve key exchange algorithm?
Correct Answer: B
Which two NHRP functions are specific to DMVPN Phase 3 implementation? (Choose two.)
A. registration reply
B. redirect
C. resolution reply
D. registration request
E. resolution request
Correct Answer: BC
A Cisco AnyConnect client establishes a SSL VPN connection with an ASA at the corporate office. An engineer must
ensure that the client computer meets the enterprise security policy. Which feature can update the client to meet an
enterprise security policy?
A. Endpoint Assessment
B. Cisco Secure Desktop
C. Basic Host Scan
D. Advanced Endpoint Assessment
Correct Answer: D
Which two statements about the Cisco ASA Clientless SSL VPN solution are true? (Choose two.)
A. When a client connects to the Cisco ASA WebVPN portal and tries to access HTTP resources through the URL bar,
the client uses the local DNS to perform FQDN resolution.
B. The rewriter enable command under the global webvpn configuration enables the rewriter functionality because that
feature is disabled by default.
C. A Cisco ASA can simultaneously allow Clientless SSL VPN sessions and AnyConnect client sessions.
D. When a client connects to the Cisco ASA WebVPN portal and tries to access HTTP resources through the URL bar,
the ASA uses its configured DNS servers to perform FQDN resolution.
E. Clientless SSLVPN provides Layer 3 connectivity into the secured network.
Correct Answer: CD
What are two functions of ECDH and ECDSA? (Choose two.)
A. nonrepudiation
B. revocation
C. digital signature
D. key exchange
E. encryption
Correct Answer: CD

A second set of traffic selectors is negotiated between two peers using IKEv2. Which IKEv2 packet will contain details of
the exchange?
Correct Answer: B
Which parameter is initially used to elect the primary key server from a group of key servers?
A. code version
B. highest IP address
C. highest-priority value
D. lowest IP address
Correct Answer: C

300-730 exam question q8
Refer to the exhibit. All internal clients behind the ASA are port address translated to the public outside interface that
has an IP address of Client 1 and client 2 have established successful SSL VPN connections to the ASA. What
must be implemented so that “” is returned from a browser search on the IP address?
A. Same-security-traffic permit inter-interface under Group Policy
B. Exclude Network List Below under Group Policy
C. Tunnel All Networks under Group Policy
D. Tunnel Network List Below under Group Policy
Correct Answer: D
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Cisco 300-730 Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks (SVPN)

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Which two features provide headend resiliency for Cisco AnyConnect clients? (Choose two.)
A. AnyConnect Auto Reconnect
B. AnyConnect Network Access Manager
C. AnyConnect Backup Servers
D. ASA failover
E. AnyConnect Always On
Correct Answer: CD


300-730 exam questions-q2

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of mismatch is causing the problem with the IPsec VPN tunnel?
A. crypto access list
B. Phase 1 policy
C. transform set
D. preshared key
Correct Answer: D

Which technology works with IPsec stateful failover?

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[July -2021] Latest Cisco 300-815 actual exam questions for free, 300-815 exam discount

Here you will find the latest Cisco 300-815 actual exam questions for free! Download free 300-815 VCE or PDF for Cisco 300-815 test (From, which help you prepare for Cisco 300-815 exam. Get the full Pass4itSure 300-815 dumps visit (Updated: Jul 16, 2021).

Free PDF download | Cisco 300-815 exam questions

[Latest 300-815 pdf] Cisco 300-815 PDF free download

latest Cisco 300-815 exam questions for free

Refer to the exhibit.
300-815 exam question q1
How many maximum hops can an ILS update traverse?
A. 3
B. 6
C. 9
D. 12
Correct Answer: A
An administrator is implementing a new dial-plan on Cisco Unified Border Element. The administrator must ensure that
incoming dial-peers are matched based on the IP address from where the incoming request originates.
Which dial-peer configuration should be applied to accomplish this requirement?
A. dial-peer voice 1 voip incoming url via
B. dial-peer voice 1 voip incoming url request
C. dial-peer voice 1 voip incoming called-number
D. dial-peer voice 1 voip incoming url to
Correct Answer: A
Which two types of distribution algorithm are within a line group? (Choose two.)
A. random
B. circular
C. highest preference
D. top down
E. bottom up
Correct Answer: BD
Which two configuration parameters are prerequisites to set Native Call Queuing on Cisco Unified Communications
Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Service must be activated on at least one node in the cluster.
B. A unicast music on hold audio source must be configured.
C. Cisco RIS data collector service must be running on the same server as the Cisco CallManager service.
D. The maximum number of callers allowed in queue must be 10.
E. The phone button template must have the Queue Status Softkey configured.
Correct Answer: AC

300-815 exam question q5
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator has configured a SIP trunk between two Cisco UCM clusters. For calls that should
use the trunk, the calls fail with a fast busy. The administrator checks the Cisco CallManager SDL traces and found that
the cluster to which the calling device is registered never sends an INVITE to the destination cluster. The administrator
also verifies that all nodes from both clusters are powered on, and the CallManager service is running. How is this issue
A. The administrator must associate the route pattern with a calling search space the device can dial.
B. The administrator needs to enable OPTIONS pings on the SIP trunks for both clusters.
C. The administrator must allow connectivity so that TCP connections do not fail between the nodes.
D. The administrator needs to disable OPTIONS pings on the SIP trunks for both clusters.
Correct Answer: C
An engineer must configure call queuing under a Hunt Pilot. After the engineer receives the audio file that will be played
to callers during queuing, which two steps should be taken to complete the configuration? (Choose two.)
A. Assign the uploaded audio file to the hunting Line Group member\\’s  » Read more about: [July -2021] Latest Cisco 300-815 actual exam questions for free, 300-815 exam discount  »