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300-430 Dumps [Updated] Most Useful Cisco (ENWLSI) Online Resources

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What is Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification?

Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification is achieved by passing the Cisco ENWLSI 300-430 exam, which I will focus on next.

CCNP Enterprise Certification requires you to pass two exams: a core exam and an enterprise concentration exam of your choice. As shown in the following figure:

Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification exam

Reference link:

CCNP Enterprise At-a-glance (PDF – 67 KB) 

Frequently asked questions (PDF – 405 KB) 

Therefore, for the exams listed in the table, you need to pay extra attention to:

Note: Three to five years of experience implementing enterprise network solutions is beneficial for certification.

Another tip:

CCNP Enterprise Certification is valid for three years. As a Cisco Certified Individual, you should have the flexibility to choose the Cisco Continuing Education Program to complete the Qualifying Program and choose to recertify.

Back to the topic, what knowledge do you need to master for the 300-430 exam?

Basic knowledge, master first

Abbreviation: 300-430 ENWLSI
Full name: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks
Exam time: 90 minutes
Language of the test: English and Japanese
Exam Fee: $300 USD, plus tax or use Cisco Learning Credits

The 300-430 exam tests your knowledge of wireless network implementation, including:

  • FlexConnect
  • QoS
  • Multicast
  • Advanced location services
  • Security for client connectivity
  • Monitoring
  • Device hardening

These topics you need to have a firm grasp on.

Where can I get the top-rated Cisco 300 430 dumps questions?

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QUESTION 1: A network engineer wants to implement QoS across the network that support multiple VLANs. All the Aps are connected to switch ports and are configured in local mode. Which trust model must be configured on the switch ports to which the Aps are connected?

A. CoS

Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 2: Which AP model of the Cisco Aironet Active Sensor is used with Cisco DNA Center?

A. 1800s
B. 3600e
C. 3800s
D. 4800i

Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 3: A network engineer is implementing BYOD on a wireless network. Based on the customer requirements, a dual SSID approach must be taken. Which two advanced WLAN configurations must be performed? (Choose two.)

A. Set Allow AAA Override to Enabled.
B. Select DHCP Profiling.
C. Set DHCP Addr. Assignment to Required.
D. Set NAC State to Radius NAC.
E. Select Enable Session Timeout.

Correct Answer: BD

QUESTION 4: A corporation has a wireless network where all access points are configured in FlexConnect. The WLC has a Data WLAN and a VoWiFi WLAN implemented where centrally-switched is configured for the APs. Which QoS configuration must be implemented for the wireless packets to maintain the marking across the wired and wireless network?

A. Enable CAC
B. Trust DSCP
C. Set QoS to Platinum
D. Allow WMM

Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 5: The Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold is currently set to -50 dBm. After reviewing the wireless user location, discrepancies have been noticed. To improve the Cisco Hyperlocation accuracy, an engineer attempts to change the detection threshold to -100 dBm However, the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller does not allow this change to be applied. What actions should be taken to resolve this issue?

A. Place the APs to monitor mode shutdown the radios, and then change Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold
B. Shutdown all radios on the controller, change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection range, and enable the radios again.
C. Disable Cisco Hyperlocation. change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold and then enable it
D. Create a new profile on Cisco CMX with the new Cisco Hyperlocation detection range, and apply it on the WL AN.

Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 6: During the EAP process and specifically related to the client authentication session, which encrypted key is sent from the RADIUS server to the access point?

A. WPA key
B. session key
C. encryption key
D. shared-secret key

Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 7: What must be configured on the Global Configuration page of the WLC for an access point to use 802.1x to authenticate to the wired infrastructure?

A. supplicant credentials
B. RADIUS shared secret
C. local access point credentials
D. TACACS server IP address.
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 8: Refer to the exhibit.
An engineer must restrict some subnets to have access to the WLC. When the CPU ACL function is enabled, no ACLs in the drop-down list are seen. What is the cause of the problem?

A. The ACL does not have a rule that is specified to the Management interface.
B. No ACLs have been created under the Access Control List tab.
C. When the ACL is created, it must be specified that it is a CPU ACL.
D. This configuration must be performed through the CLI and not though the web GUI.

Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 9: An engineer is setting up a WLAN to work with a Cisco ISE as the AAA server. The company policy requires that all users be denied access to any resources until they pass the validation. Which component must be configured to achieve this stipulation?

A. AAA override
B. preauthentication ACL
C. WPA2 passkey

Correct Answer: A


QUESTION 10: An engineer wants the wireless voice traffic class of service to be used to determine the queue order for packets received, and then have the differentiated services code point set to match when it is resent to another port on the switch. Which configuration is required in the network?

A. Platinum QoS configured on the WLAN
B. WMM set to required on the WLAN
C. mls qos trust dscp configured on the controller switch port
D. mls qos trust cos configured on the controller switch port

Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 11: Refer to the exhibit
[Missing the exhibit] An ACL is configured to restrict access for BYOD clients. The ACL must redirect devices to the guest portal. To which two devices on the local network must the ACL allow
access other than the DHCP server? (Choose two.)

A. SNMP server
B. Cisco ISE
C. DNS server
E. RADIUS server

Correct Answer: BC

QUESTION 12: An engineer is using Cisco Prime Infrastructure reporting to monitor the state of security on the WLAN. Which output is produced when the Adaptive wIPS Top 10 AP report is run\’\’

A. last 10 wIPS events from sniffer mode APs
B. last 10 wIPS events from monitor mode APs
C. last of 10 sniffer mode APs with the most wIPS events
D. last of 10 monitor mode APs with the most wIPS events

Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 13: Refer to the exhibit.
Which area indicates the greatest impact on the wireless network when viewing the Cisco CleanAir Zone of Impact map of interferers?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

Correct Answer: D

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